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Dropping bombs from the expressway
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A woman answered her phone and was asked for the address of the Paulson Softball Complex. She gave the caller the information and was surprised by his response.

The caller stated, “Thank you, I’ll be dropping bombs and missiles over the expressway tomorrow. Peace out.” She told officers that the caller sounded like a white male, about 40 years old, and that he did not have any sort of accent or slur his words. There was a softball tournament the following day which was put on extra patrol.

• A BMW pulled up next to two officers dealing with people along Bay Street on a Saturday night. The driver wanted to ask one of the police for directions back to his hotel. The officer had trouble hearing the driver, because of all the noise, and so he approached the driver’s side window. Once he got closer to the driver, the officer noticed a strong odor of alcohol, and asked the driver whether he’d been drinking. The man in the car stared at the officer and said nothing. He had glassy eyes. The officer told the driver to pull over and indicated where he should stop. Disregarding those instructions, the driver attempted to leave the scene. The officer put out a call with the vehicle’s description and it was stopped two blocks away.

• A man called police because he can’t get along with his live–in girlfriend. When police arrived, the man was clearly intoxicated, and told the officers that he and his girlfriend argue all the time. His girlfriend says that the argument began when he came home complaining that she did not call him when she was at work. She told police that she was in her room when he came home and hit her in the face. She hit him back, at which point he hit her again. The officer on the scene reported that there were no clear signs of injury to either party.

• A woman called police to report a disorderly person. It was her ex–boyfriend. When police arrived on the scene, she explained that they had recently separated, and he wanted him to get his belongings out of her apartment. She also wants her things out of his apartment as well. While officers spoke with the complainant, her ex–boyfriend came around the corner and became upset about the comments the woman made about their relationship. The officer asked him to stay calm. The ex–boyfriend then went back around the corner, heading toward a pile of things in the hallway. The officer followed him. The ex–boyfriend bent over and grabbed a butter knife and then turned the blade toward himself, attempting to jam it into his stomach. The officer moved quickly, grabbing the man’s arm, and extending the weapon away from both of them. The officer called for backup and alerted the other officers that there was a knife. The officers placed the man in handcuffs. While standing next to the wall, the man began to bang his head into it. The officers asked him to stop, and when he wouldn’t, they moved him away from the wall. An officer lifted the man’s shirt to see whether he had injured himself in the attempted stabbing. There were several red marks and some bruising, but no contusions. The man made several statements about being depressed and wanting to kill himself. EMS was notified, and they transported him to the hospital. The officer followed EMS to the hospital and filled out the necessary paperwork. The man was admitted for a psychological evaluation. The butter knife was logged into the property room.