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Drugs and Burglary
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An officer on patrol saw a maroon sports car speeding around streets in the Cann Park neighborhood.
The driver was swerving around other cars and then ran a stop sign. The officer caught up with the vehicle at 39th and Barnard St. and initiated a traffic stop, when he saw the driver shifting around in the vehicle and bending down toward the passenger side.

He approached the vehicle and requested the driver’s license and registration. The driver appeared nervous and was wringing his hands. The officer called for backup and ran the driver’s information through the system. The officer returned to the vehicle and asked if he could search it. The driver declined, and was asked to step out of the vehicle, at which point the officer noticed some leafy green substance, believed to be marijuana, on the floor.

When asked why there was marijuana on the floor, the driver said the car did not belong to him, but that he’d borrowed it from a friend. At that point, consent was given to search the vehicle, and the officer recovered five yellow pills wrapped in a piece of plastic underneath the passenger seat. Judging by their markings, the pills were 10mg Hydrocodone pills. The driver was arrested. As the officer attempted to handcuff the suspect, the man pushed him and tried to fight. The officer pulled the suspect toward him with the one handcuff bracelet he’d secured on the driver’s left wrist, and told him to stop fighting and get on the ground. The driver was transported to CCDC, and the owner of the vehicle came to pick up his car.

• A woman called to report a burglary committed around two p.m. The woman said that she returned home to find her front door ajar. An unknown suspect had pried open the back door, which was also found open. There were pry marks on the door and the frame. Inside the residence, the suspect had taken a DVD player, a desktop computer and a 42” flat screen television. The woman noted that the bedrooms didn’t appear to be ransacked.

The responding officer went to speak with neighbors, but two of them were not home. Another neighbor across the street said he was home but hadn’t seen anyone. The victim called police again several hours later to report that additional items had been removed, which she hadn’t noticed earlier. In addition to the electronics, some jewelry had also been taken from the master bedroom.

• An officer was on patrol with his partner in a marked cruiser, with his window down when he detected the odor of marijuana in the area. He was near a residence that he’d been called to previously for drug related infractions. As the officers approached the front porch, the man sitting there threw something into a nearby cooler. The smell of marijuana was very strong. The man on the porch stood up and began speaking in a loud, aggressive manner. The officers asked him to calm down. They asked if it would be ok to check the contents of the cooler, and when they approached it, the man on the porch stood up and began carrying on loudly. He refused to keep his hands in plain view, a light scuffle ensued, ending when an officer put the man in a wrist lock. The second officer grabbed the suspect’s body. After being handcuffed, but before the officers had looked in the cooler, the man said “that’s not my weed.” After checking the cooler, the officers discovered a clear plastic bad with several smaller bags of weed inside. The bags field tested positively as contraband, totaling about 12 grams.