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Dude, where's my gun?
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A man called police because a new gun he'd just purchased was stolen. At around 4 p.m. the man parked his van in the driveway and began unloading his recent purchases from the vehicle to his front porch, including a shotgun with a camouflage stock.He then began to take a few items inside, when he heard his phone ringing. He ran to answer it, got sidetracked doing something else afterward, and one hour later realized he'd never brought the gun inside. He went to get it and discovered that it had been taken. He told the officer who responded to his call that there were several people doing work on the vacant house next door who could have easily spotted it. The shotgun is a 10 gauge, and valued at $189. He was given a CRN.

-- Police arrived at the Salvation Army in response to a call from the warehouse supervisor. He had returned to the warehouse while the rest of the employees were on their lunch break and found a man holding a case of tissue that he was about to steal. He cornered the suspect, but fearing for his safety, let the man run off after he dropped the case of tissue. According to other employees, the man had showed up yesterday and successfully stolen a case of tissue. The suspect was last seen heading northbound on a bicycle that was bright peach or pink in color.

-- An officer on patrol saw a man walking down the middle of a street. The man continued to walk in the road, despite the fact that there was traffic passing by. The officer stopped the man who told him his name was "Antonio Brown," which was a lie, as was the fake date of birth he told the officer. When asked again, the man changed his birthday, and when asked a third time, gave yet another DOB. Through further investigation, the officer ascertained the true identity of the man, who was then charged with giving false information and walking in a roadway when a sidewalk is provided.

-- A car was pulled over for suspected DUI. When officers approached the driver she admitted to having had two alcoholic beverages before driving. She was making a concerted effort to speak and had red, bloodshot eyes with very large pupils. She teetered slightly while standing. She agreed to take a voluntary sobriety test, however, she told officers that she had a herniated disc and arthritis. She failed the horizontal gaze nystagmus test because of failed smooth pursuit in both eyes. During the "walk and turn" test, the driver failed to stay in the instructed position, and stepped off the line on step eight. During the "one leg stand" test, she raised her arms for balance and swayed heavily. While waiting for an officer to arrive with a portable breathalyzer, the officer at the scene noticed her drop a breath mint tin which was found to contain marijuana ashes. The breathalyzer was administered and she blew a .107, over the legal limit. Her car was then searched and a detective discovered prescription pills not in their original container. She was asked to take a blood test and refused. She was read her rights and transported to the County Detention Center. The tin of ash was submitted as evidence.

-- A man and woman were in a bar, but were asked to leave when they became disorderly. Once outside, the man circled around the club and returned to confront the female. When the officer arrived, he saw the man walk up to the woman, who tried to get away, but was backed up against a vehicle. The woman told the man that the police were coming and that he should "get off her." The man replied "I don't care about a fucking police." He continued to approach the woman, and began yelling and cursing. The man was cuffed, but had to be put in a wagon because he was too disorderly to be placed in a patrol vehicle. He was charged with disorderly conduct and taken to CCDC.