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Entirely too much gun violence
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A man shot himself in the foot after an altercation with a woman in a restaurant parking lot. The woman told police that the argument began when the suspect banged his car door into her vehicle.

Things became heated and the suspect threatened her. She backed up to get his tag number when he fired shots at her (and the three small children in her car). The suspect showed up at the hospital later with a gun shot wound to his foot. He told police that the woman had blocked his truck and would not let him leave the area. He went inside the restaurant to ask for help and the back and forth with the woman continued, so he pulled his gun. A shot went off inside the truck (the one that hit him in the foot), and then he fired two shots at the car. He couldn’t say whether he’d hit the woman’s car or not. No one was injured, except the suspect. He was charged with aggravated assault.

• Two men were shot during an incident that police described as a “marijuana and poker party.” The men were taken to the hospital by the woman who lived in the residence where the shooting occurred. The trio was in the house, which contained “a large amount of marijuana” and some drug paraphernalia, when three men kicked in the door and attempted to rob them. A struggle ensued, during which time the two men were shot. One of the men was on parole for trafficking marijuana. Police are looking for one man with a white handkerchief across his face and a white t–shirt and a second man dressed in all black. The victims were treated for non–life–threatening injuries.

• A 32 year old man was hospitalized after being shot during a robbery attempt in West Savannah. The victim was walking with a lady friend when they were approached by a group of men who demanded money. The victim said he had no money and then slapped his pockets to demonstrate their emptiness. One of the assailants started firing shots and then they all ran off. The group jumped in a white SUV and drove off.

• An 18-year-old man was charged with armed robbery, obstruction, criminal trespass and theft after a home invasion on 39th Street one evening. Neighbors called police to report two men who appeared to break into a house. Officers found suspects matching their description walking down the middle of the street a few blocks away. One of the suspects took off running when police pulled up. He sprinted through backyards, hopped a fence and was about to hop a second fence, which then snapped and threw him to the ground. At the site of the break–in, two 16 year old girls said the men had entered the home, grabbed one by the hair, slapped the other, and then said they were going to look for things to take. One of them had a gun. Both the girls declined medical treatment for their injuries. They told police the young men had taken a gun from the residence, but no weapon was recovered.

• Police ruled that two men who died of gunshot wounds in a North Baldwin Circle residence shot one another after an argument over drugs. One of the men was found dead inside the residence, and the second died the next morning at the hospital. A third man had driven himself to the hospital with a gunshot wound, but was released two days later. He had been caught in the cross fire between the other two men. There were two small children in the house at the time of the shooting. They were unharmed, and were released to their mother at the scene.