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Police were called in reference to an injured person on River Street shortly after 10 p.m. on a Friday night. Upon arrival, the officer noted a female sitting on the curb surrounded by several people.
Her knee was bleeding and visibly swollen. One of the people standing around her, who identified himself as her husband, said that they had been walking with a group of tourists who’ve been stranded by a trolley company. His wife fell while on the cobblestones. They helped her up and she walked about 100 yards before saying she couldn’t walk any more. EMS took her to the hospital.

• Police responded to a hospital in reference to an assault report. The officer met with the victim in the ER where he was being treated for lacerations on his left wrist. The young man said he’d been at a downtown bar where he met a young woman. He was walking her to her car after the bar closed when they were approached in the area of Congress Lane and Montgomery Street by a man who asked them for money. The victim refused and tried to walk away. Before he could leave, three more guys showed up and re–asserted the demand for money. One of the men hit the guy in the face, dropping him to the ground. The female ran away. The victim gave them $80, and the group left the area. One of the victim’s friends tried to treat the wounds, but then transported him to the hospital for proper treatment.

• Just shy of lunchtime, officers spotted a sports car driving recklessly and at a high rate of speed. An officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop, but the car pulled quickly into a Southside neighborhood and police lost sight of it temporarily. Residents pointed them in the right direction. Still speeding, the reckless driver ran a red light, narrowly missing another vehicle, and then lost control. The sports car rolled into a nearby canal. The driver had a suspended license and an outstanding warrant in another county.

• One night an officer spotted a man riding a bicycle with no light. He instructed him to stop, but the cyclist continued peddling and ignored the officer. After making a turn into a lane, the man dropped his bike and started running. The officer exited the vehicle and pursued him along the eastern border of Ardsley Park. While chasing him, the officer saw him throw several plastic bags into nearby bushes. Two blocks further, the suspect lost his footing and the officer told him to put his hands behind his back. Once another officer arrived on the scene, the other went back to look for the backs. He found them both, one with what appeared to be a green leafy substance, and the other an off–white rock like substance. The man had an outstanding warrant. The substances field tested positively, one as marijuana and the other as crack cocaine.

• Police were called to a residence in response to a daughter striking her mother several times in the head. The girl suffers from bi–polar disorder and had become upset after finding out that the guy she had been talking with was married. The mother sustained no injuries, but said her head was a little sore.

• Shortly after one in the morning, a fast food restaurant on Mall Blvd was held up at gunpoint by two men dressed in all black with blue bandanas over their faces. They entered through a back door that had been propped open while an employee took out the garbage. They got about $200 in one and five dollar bills before running back out the door they had entered. The manager told police he suspects one was a former employee.