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Police arrived at a convenience store in response to a call about an armed robbery. A black male wearing a do-rag as a mask and brandishing a small handgun entered the store and demanded the man hand over all the money. After watching a surveillance video and broadcasting an updated description of the suspect, police went outside to search for any further evidence and found a large number of small denomination bills lying on the ground. A K9 unit arrived on the scene and attempted to track the suspect, but lost the trail behind an adjacent business. The money found on the ground, which totaled $562 was returned to the store owner.

In the early morning hours a man awoke when his wife heard noises outside their home. The man went to investigate and found an underage neighbor drunk and messing with an air conditioner unit. The man told the drunk fellow to go home, which made the drunk guy belligerent, threatening to fight the man. The man asked again for him to go home, or else he would sick the dog on him. By this point the yelling had woken up the man's children, and the police were called about a disorderly person. The drunk guy said he would kill the dog in front of the man's children. At this point, he tried to punch the man, and the dog, named Princess, went and bit him on the leg. At this point the police arrived and tried to understand what happened. The drunk guy's mom's boyfriend showed up, who was also drunk, and made up a story about the dog attack. The drunk guy then threatened to kill the dog again in front of the police, and would not tell them where he was bitten. The dog wasn't current on its shots and animal control was called for a follow up. Police finally managed to get the drunk guy inside and told him to stay there. Shortly after, he came back out. Warrant procedures were explained to all parties, and both were given CRNs.

A man was at a park using his cell phone, and placed it on a nearby railing when he went to go stop two kids from scrapping with each other. When the situation was under control he noticed his phone was missing. He told the nearby youth that no one was leaving until he got his phone back. One of the youth became agitated and started using profanity. They began to argue and the young person shouted, "I'll bust a cap in you." The man said he wanted to file a report in case the situation escalated in the future. The youth said he was upset because the guy wouldn't let them leave, and that the man instigated the fight by using expletives about the young man's mother. The young man responded, "I bet you won't come on Gwinnett St," but denied ever saying he would shoot anyone. Both parties were given CRNs.

A man living in the second floor of an apartment building heard footsteps downstairs in an apartment that was vacant. He went to investigate and found two suspects downstairs who fled the scene. While the police were there, they located the suspects who had apparently been living in the vacant apartment. There was food on the stove and several items of clothing. The female suspect said that someone had shown her the place and that they went there sometimes. The suspects then fled the scene again, leaving behind several items, including their IDs and small cigar containing marijuana. All the items were logged into the property room as evidence.