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Fowl play
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An officer was dispatched around 1:30 a.m. to respond to a complaint that a dog was killing ducks. Upon arrival, the officer found a pitbull eating a duck on a side of the road. There were two other dead ducks in the road. The officer followed the dog back to its residence, made contact with its owner and explained the situation. The owner stated that her fence was broken and that the dog had escaped. The address was listed for a follow up by Animal Control.

A man reported a larceny at his home, and suspects that someone stole the checks that he had recently ordered out of his mailbox. He realized something was fishy when his bank statement arrived and there were several unauthorized debits to his account, including $51 for pizza and nearly $400 to several cell phone providers. He was advised to dispute the charges and given a CRN.

While checking an unoccupied rental property, the building's owner discovered that a rear window had been carefully removed and set inside the apartment. The property owner then called the police. It appeared that the suspect or suspects entered the empty apartment through the window, then stole the kitchen stove. They carried the stove out through the back door, which they unlocked from inside, and which was still unlocked when the landlord discovered the crime. The tenants living in the apartment next door didn't hear or see anything suspicious. The house next door was recently broken into in the same manner. Both properties were placed on the forensics list.

Police arrived to investigate a call about a stolen license plate from a vehicle and made contact with the suspect. She provided her driver's license, which was run through the database, and showed that she had two outstanding warrants from the Sheriff's Department. An officer informed the suspect of the warrants, and that she was being placed under arrest. The suspect said that she needed to arrange for someone to watch her kids, and pleaded to use the phone inside the house. After entering the residence, she quickly closed and locked the door behind her, before fleeing out the back door. The suspect reappeared after being called by her mother, who arrived on the scene to inquire about her daughter's arrest.

While four people were walking through the middle of Forsyth Park late one night they were accosted by two young men, one of whom was holding a black revolver and demanding to know "where's the money?" The second young man stood quietly beside him. The victims tried to reason with the suspects, but found that their rational plan to not be robbed wasn't going to be accepted by the assailants, so they took off running west through the park. The two young men followed them as far as Barnard Street before splitting up and going separate directions. Nothing was taken from the victims.

A woman called police to report that she had been jumped by another tenant of the boarding house where she lived. The victim told police that a woman attacked her, and the suspect had said, "We're not doing anything. We're managers here." The suspect then shoved her to the ground and choked her, although the victim had no visible injuries. When the suspect was approached she stated the victim had attempted to block her in the bathroom and the hallway, and would not let her pass. The argument and fight followed, during which time the suspect was knocked down. Both parties were given CRN cards.