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Funny Money
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An unidentified black male entered a florist shop one morning and ordered a half dozen roses. The clerk told him it would take about 15 minutes to get his order ready, and he replied that he would go and get something to eat in the meantime. He paid for the order with a $100 bill and the clerk gave him $59.35 in change even though she suspected the bill was counterfeit. The clerk took the bill next door, and had it checked with a security pen. The bill came back as counterfeit, and had none of the security features normally found on $100 bills. The clerk called police and gave the bill to the business owner, who then took it to the bank to be destroyed. There was no word on whether the man came back for his flowers.

While on foot patrol in the 400 block of West Congress Street an officer observed a white male urinating on the pavement. The officer asked if the man was seriously urinating in public right in front of a police officer, and then told him to stop immediately. The man replied that he would not stop because he needed to finish first. The officer asked if he was interested in going to jail, to which the man replied no. The officer asked for the man to follow him to his squad car, which the man refused, and was then asked whether he'd like to squad car. The man again did not comply and was escorted to the cruiser. In the midst of writing the man up for a violation of city ordinance, the officer heard the man telling other nearby officers that he hadn't been urinating on the pavement, and calling the officer a liar. The officer responded by bumping up the charge to a violation of state code for having his genitalia visible in public. Meanwhile, the arrestee's friend tried to argue that his friend should be set free. He was given three warnings to leave the scene. After failing to follow instructions, he was arrested for obstruction.

While driving down a Southside road just before dawn, an officer found a television on the side of the road. He called in the model and serial number, but no information was available regarding the TV as lost or stolen. It was transported to the property room and logged as found property. If your Panasonic TV ran away, contact SCMPD.

A couple was walking through Telfair Square shortly after midnight when a green, two-door vehicle pulled up and a black male with dreadlocks approached them from behind and put a black revolver up to the back of the man's head. He took the woman's purse, including her wallet and several other items, both of their cell phones, a GPS unit, a camera bag and over $300 in cash.

A man left his house late one night to go to McDonald's and on his way home had his car shot up by complete strangers. The man called police to report that while stopped at a red light on Montgomery Street a white car, which might have been a mid-80s Cadillac, pulled up next to him. In the car were four relatively young black males all with blue bandanas tied around their faces. Both men on the passenger side of the vehicle pulled out guns - the one in front had a handgun, and the one in the backseat had an assault rifle - and began shooting at the man's car. The victim sped away from the scene, and when police arrived they found seven bullet holes in his car, and two of the windows broken.