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Gas attack!
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An employee of a Montgomery Street gas station told police that a customer became upset over service at the pumps and attacked her. An officer was dispatched, and an employee told him that a girl about 16 years old threw a plastic card holder at her, which missed.

The suspect then spit on the woman. The officer noted that the woman did have damp spots on her shirt and there was spittle on the glass of the booth in front of her. The victim said the suspect was dropped off by a second female in a red Dodge Neon, and she walked off towards 61st Street. Several units checked the area, but were unable to locate the suspect.

In the meantime, another customer went to the Enmark and told the victim that the red Neon was parked off Thackery Place. Police located the car and the tag closely matched the tag description given by the victim.

The vehicle was traced to a woman in Pooler, but no one could be reached at the address, which appeared dark and unoccupied. The victim was given a case report number card and advised on warrant procedures.

• An officer on patrol was dispatched to a Sherman Avenue address in reference to a domestic violence complaint in which the man was armed with a hand gun. A woman was standing outside the residence when the officer arrived. She said her husband was inside and that he had pulled a gun on her.

The officer entered the house and retrieved the hand gun from a bedroom. The husband said his wife had come home and they were in the bedroom talking when his wife snatched the bed cover off him and began trying to stick her fingernails into his forehead. He said she then began hitting him and he grabbed her by the face and pushed her back. She then tried to pull his hair out, and he pushed her away again.

The woman then began trying to box with her husband. He said he pulled a gun, pointed it at the bed and told her he would blow her head off. At that point, the woman left him alone and called police. She was given a case report number card and advised how to get a copy of the report.

The man was arrested and taken to the Chatham County Detention Center. All evidence was logged into the property room. The man said he didn’t want the weapon back, so it will be destroyed.

• A woman was caught trying to cash a forged check at a check-cashing business on Abercorn Street. Police were called and advised of a forgery in progress at the business. An officer was met by an employee of the store, who said the suspect was trying to cash a forged check for $500.

To verify the check, the employee called the owner of a Whitaker Street restaurant listed on the check. The restaurant owner said he didn’t authorize the check or sign it. The suspect was a part-time employee at the restaurant. She admitted that she had taken a blank check without the owner’s knowledge. She said she wrote the check to herself and signed the owner’s name. The owner said he wanted to press charges against the suspect, so she was arrested and charged with one count of forgery and one count of theft of misplaced property.

• A car stolen in Port Wentworth was recovered in Savannah. Police were called to a hotel at White Bluff Road and Posey Street on a report of a man staying there who had possibly stolen a car. A man at the scene pointed out the car when police arrived, and the owner was called.The owner identified the car and removed her property from it. The car was towed from the scene so Port Wentworth police could investigate the theft. The inn’s registry for the man was checked, but he wasn’t located.

• Police were called to a Vineyard Avenue residence on a report of vandalism. When an officer arrived, a woman at the scene said she and her husband had an argument. The couple had separated earlier in the week. The woman then showed the officer her car, which had a large puddle of oil under it. The oil filter apparently was loose and the woman said the car had engine trouble. While the woman was telling the officer about the car, her husband pulled up. He said he was concerned because his wife hadn’t shown up and he offered to fix the car.

The man acted strangely the entire time, although he did temporarily fix the oil leak. When the officer asked him to leave, the man began to violently throw objects into his truck, then he backed quickly out of the driveway and drove down the street.