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'Gas for sex'
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A woman claimed she was solicited for sex at a White Bluff Road convenience store.

The woman told a police officer that she went to the station and told the man behind the counter she needed $1 worth of gas. She said he asked her, “Only one dollar?,” to which she replied, “That’s all I’ve got.”

She said the man then said they could trade and she asked him what he meant. The woman said the man again said they could trade and she again asked, “What do you mean?”

The man then said, “Gas for sex.” The woman said she got scared and left the area.

The officer asked the woman if she could identify the suspect and she said she could. She also said she would prosecute, and agreed to go back to the store with the officer to identify the man.

Upon arrival, the man walked outside and the woman told the officer he was the offender. When the officer spoke to the man, he said he didn’t remember the woman and that he was alone at the supposed time of the incident.

• A man high on prescription drugs reportedly was in possession of a pistol and rifle at a house on Lester Avenue.

When officers arrived, the man’s son-in-law said the man was inside the house, getting ready to leave. The man came out of the house at that point, clearly agitated.An officer asked the man what was going on, and he said his son-in-law had assaulted his daughter a few days earlier. The man said he confronted him about it.

He said ino physical contact had occurred between him and his son-in-law. He said he had been living with his daughter and son-in-law for some time.

Another officer spoke with the son-in-law, who said he and his wife had an altercation a week earlier, but had resolved the argument. He said when his father-in-law got home from work, he immediately began yelling at him. He said as he sat on the couch, his father-in-law began threatening him about beating his wife. He said the man put his hands around his neck.

At that point, the man said he stood up and took up a fighting stance, and his father-in-law retreated to another room of the house. He told the officers he is on probation and can’t afford to get into trouble, so he called police.

The father-in-law told the officers he stores his firearms at another house. He was given a Case Report Number, gathered up some belongings and left the house. The son-in-law was given a Case Report Number and advised on warrant procedures.

• A man said he stopped to buy food at a Montgomery Street fast-food restaurant and was assaulted by an employee.

On the scene, police were approached by the victim, who had a white cloth held up to his left eye. The cloth was soaked with blood, and the man had a large amount of blood on his shirt and shoes.

According to the man, he was dissatisfied with the service at the drive-through window, and asked to speak with a manager. The attendant became confrontational, so the man said he would come inside the restaurant to speak with the manager.

The man drove around to the main parking lot, a which point several restaurant employees came outside. Words were exchanged, and the man said someone he saw only from the corner of his eye punched him.

The restaurant employees were asked who threw the punch. They named the assailant, and the manager said she had sent him home after the incident.

According to the employees, when the man got to the front parking lot, he went to his SUV and retrieved something, possibly a stick or a shoe. At that point, the suspect struck the man. While observing the scene, an officer saw a shoe lying next to a cell phone that was later identified as belonging to the victim. A witness in line behind the suspect corroborated his story.

Medstar transported the victim to the hospital. He was treated for a laceration to his eye. The victim’s car was towed. When an officer took the tow slip to him at the hospital, he noticed the victim’s eye was swollen shut.

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