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Get off the bus
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A fugitive on the run from authorities in Sarasota, Fla. was arrested July 19 in Savannah. David Jacob Callwood, 22, who was wanted for the armed robbery of a cab driver, arrived for a layover at the Greyhound Bus Terminal. Officers converged and saw Callwood walking through the building.

An officer asked Callwood what his name was. When he identified himself, he was placed under arrest. As he was being placed in handcuffs, Callwood exclaimed, “You can arrest me here?” During a search the officers found multiple rounds of .9mm ammunition in Callwood’s belongings. He was taken to jail.

The Sarasota Police Department had asked for assistance in capturing Callwood, who was en route to North Carolina. He is the third fugitive arrested at the bus terminal in one week. SWAT Team officers arrested two fugitives from Colorado as they changed buses on July 17.

• An officer was called to a Harden Street residence in reference to a domestic dispute. A woman at the scene said she got into a physical altercation with the suspect. She said she is in a relationship with the suspect and has children with him.

She said she went to Harden Street to speak with the suspect, where she said he was selling drugs. The two began fighting verbally about their relationship.

The victim said the suspect pushed her away and tried to throw her to the ground. They struggled for a moment and then the victim got free of the suspect. She said she ran to her car and got a baseball bat out of it. The suspect then took the baseball bat away from her and they started to struggle again. The suspect threw the woman to the ground and kneeled down on her neck, then started hitting her in the face.

She said he stopped only because an unknown woman stopped and tried to intervene. The suspect ran into his brother’s house, and the victim called police. The woman did have visible injuries, including a cut on her lip and swelling on the left side of her face, but she refused EMS at the scene. Officers attempted to contact the suspect, but didn’t get a response.

• A woman called police to say her check car, credit card and CAT bus car all had been taken from her car after she had a dispute with a friend. She said she and the suspect had gone to a Montgomery Street club in her car. While there, she and the suspect got into a verbal dispute, at which point she left the suspect by himself to leave with another friend.

When the woman left the club, she was advised by friends that a police officer used a “Slim Jim” to let the suspect into her car. She then noticed that the items were missing from the vehicle.

The woman said the incident had been caught on camera, and she wanted to make a complaint against the officer. A supervisor was made aware of the incident. After the officer gathered all information from the woman, he was disconnected. After numerous attempts to call her back, he was able to leave the case report number on her voice mail.

• Both a security officer at a local hospital and the owner of a car called police to report that someone had attempted to steal the car. The security officer said the vehicle was in the middle of a roadway and at first he advised a co-worker that he thought the vehicle had broken down. After not seeing anyone around the vehicle, the guard and the co-worker pushed it out of the roadway.

The owner, a hospital employee, was notified about the incident and came out to state he parked his car in a slot. It was then discovered that the steering column was broken and heavily damaged. The victim had installed a kill switch in the vehicle, so that when the thief tried to drive it off, is shut off in the middle of the roadway. The victim said the car had been locked, but the passenger side window is faulty and slides up and down, which is apparently how the suspect entered the car.

The suspect’s hat was found inside the car on the front floorboard. The car was placed on the forensics list to be tested for evidence. Because of the steering damage, the victim had to leave the car and be transported home. While officers were on the scene, a second auto theft attempt occurred in another parking lot.

They were advised a silver car with three men inside was circling the parking lot. The hospital does have a security camera and was checking to see if the incident had been caught on tape.