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Get some crack, stat!
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Get some crack, stat!

A doctor at Memorial Hospital entered his office and saw a man going through his gym bag and called police. The doctor told officers that he had no idea how the man got into his office and there was no sign of forced entry.

The suspect was later found in a waiting room on the first floor. When asked why he was at the hospital, he said he was resting before he checking himself in to the hospital for treatment of drug abuse.

When an officer checked the suspect for weapons, a crack cocaine pipe was found on his person. The suspect admitted he had smoked crack just the night before.

He told the officer he had been in the doctor’s office to search for food, and wasn’t out to steal anything else. He was arrested and taken to jail.

The suspect also was banned from the hospital. The crack pipe was logged into the property room as evidence.

• A Fortenot Drive resident called police after her neighbor fired a hand gun. The bullet hit the woman’s house and damaged a clothes dryer inside.

The woman said her neighbor had walked over and told her he was pointing the gun down a hallway in his house when it accidentally went off. He said he couldn’t remember where he put the gun because he was intoxicated.

The man told police he began drinking wine and beer when he got off work. His eyes were glassy and at times he was incoherent and couldn’t talk.

A K-9 officer was brought to the house. The man gave permission for the house to be searched and the dog and handler searched for the gun for three hours.

Pictures were taken of the damage, and the woman was given a case report number. The man was arrested and taken to jail.

• A night clerk at a Williamson Street hotel told police a man held a room card up to the door of the hotel, so she let him in, thinking he was a guest. Once inside, the man asked for change for a dollar.

The clerk opened the cash drawer to get the change, at which point the man put a hand gun on the counter. He jumped over the counter and grabbed about $295, then fled the scene.

The forensics unit was called and was able to retrieve a partial fingerprint from the room card. Forensics detectives conducted their own investigation. The woman told officers the suspect reminded her of a worker at the hotel.

• A woman wanted to pick up some items from her Avocet Way residence, but her husband called police and asked them to stop her.

On arrival, one officer spoke to the woman while the other spoke to the man, who said he called police because his wife is sleeping with another man. He said another reason he called was because there had been no physical violence between them and he didn’t want anything to happen.

The man said there was no arguing between them and that he didn’t want his wife to stay at their house for the night. He said he and their two sons would be fine in the house without her.

• A Cottonvale Road resident told police she believed someone had accessed her bank account and stolen money.

The woman said she was doing some online banking and had trouble logging in to her account. She received an e-mail supposedly from the bank saying she should click here or call an 800 number.

Not trusting the e-mail, the woman called the 800 number. She reached an automated system, and when she was asked to submit her Social Security number and bank account number, she hung up.

The woman then called her bank and was told the e-mail was legitimate. She again tried to log in and had problems, but when she was asked for information, she gave it.

The next day, the bank called the woman and told her more than $200 had been taken from a money market account, and that a $300 payment was pending. The second transaction was stopped and the woman called police.