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Golf carts, indecency and arson
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-- An off duty officer was patrolling the Landings community after a recent spree of mailbox vandalism. The officer saw a suspicious golf cart parked with its lights off occupied by a white male. The officer approached and the driver steered the golf cart toward him. The officer asked him to stop, but he continued to drive slowly north on the cart path. The officer announced for him to stop over his P.A. system. The driver gave him a thumbs-up and kept driving. The officer notified Landings security of the rogue golf cart and his location. He passed the golf cart in his patrol car, and then because of the relatively slow speed of the cart, got out of his car and verbally told the driver to stop. The driver complied. The officer asked the young man why he didn't stop when asked initially, and he replied that he thought it was Landings security. The officer called his bluff and said that he'd announced he was a police officer, had turned on his siren lights, and the driver had ridden right past the marked cruiser. The young man consented to be searched because he had nothing to hide. A check of the golf cart revealed a cigarette pack containing a plastic baggy of what appeared to be marijuana. While arresting him for possession, he noticed the smell of alcohol coming from the man. A box of beer in the golf cart contained only empty bottles. The man's father came to retrieve the golf cart so that it would not need to be towed. En route to the jail, the young man asked the officer if he felt good arresting him. The officer replied no, but that it was part of his job. The man apologized for causing him to have to fill out a lot of paperwork. The officer said that too was part of his job.

-- Shortly after midnight an officer saw two men laying on top of one another on a bench in Live Oak Park. The first subject was wearing a black head stocking, a black shirt and blue jeans. The subject was laying on his back with his legs straddling the bench. The second subject was laying between the first subjects legs with his head facing down. On approaching the two men, the officer noted that the first subject had his pants down. The second subject jumped up and said "I didn't do anything, I just came from church. As the subject was talking, the first guy took off running. The officer pursued but eventually lost sight of him after he cut between some houses and jumped a fence. The officer asked the second person who the first one was, he stated he didn't know the man. He had approached him and asked him whether he would like to buy a Boston Butt for $30. The second subject said he didn't have any money, so they made other arrangements. He was charged with being the park after hours among other things.

-- A woman called police to report that someone had set her garbage can on fire. She said that she smelled something burning, looked outside, and saw the can on fire. She told the officer who arrived on the scene that she needed the police report to document the incident. The officer noted that the garbage can had sustained heavy damage and had been almost entirely melted.

-- A man called police at about 4:15 in the morning, after a night downtown, to report harassing phone calls being made to his phone. He told the officer that he had been downtown with his cousin when they had called for a cab. When the cab arrived there were already four people in it. He and his cousin got in the cab and rode with the individuals. During the ride, unpleasant words were exchanged between the parties. After arriving home, he began receiving phone calls from the people in the cab. They said sexually derogatory things to his cousin, and then said they were going to kick his ass. The man gave the police the phone number from which the calls originated.