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Grand Theft Odd-O
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A FAST-FOOD worker was walking home from work one afternoon, playing games on his PSP as he walked.

The man walked down Middleground Road and turned east onto Mohawk Street, when a car stopped ahead of him.

A passenger in the vehicle jumped out and approached the victim. He pointed a small, black, semi-automatic handgun at the man and yelled, “Give me all your stuff!”

The victim immediately handed the PSP to the suspect, who snatched it from his hands and threw it into the vehicle. The suspect again pointed the gun and yelled at the man and asked if he had any money.

Just as the victim reached for his wallet, the driver called to the suspect and told him it was time to go. The suspects fled with the PSP, and the victim called police.

• A man who checks his father-in-law’s vacant house told police someone had kicked in the door and stolen coins. The man says he sometimes spends the night at the house on Fairview Avenue, and said it was secured four days before the break-in. He said he arrived at the house at 6:45 a.m. and saw that a side door had been kicked in. The officer saw damage to the door frame that was consistent with the door being forced open.

Inside the house, each of the rooms had been ransacked with items thrown around and drawers pulled open. The man said the only items that seemed to be missing were a tan purse, which was empty, and about $100 in coins.

• An officer was called to an apartment on Carolan Street because of threats. A woman told the officer that her ex-boyfriend had made threats against her.

She said they were together as a couple for about five months, and had broken up about a month earlier. She said that’s when the man began threatening her.

He would call her sister’s phone, trying to reach her to talk to her. She said he told her many times he was “going to kick her ass” and said, “They’re going to find you, stinkin’ like your sister,” in reference to a sister who has been missing for two years.

The victim said this scared her very much. She said the man’s words and tone “sent chills through my body.”

• Officers were stopped by three people creating a disturbance in their front yard on Bolling Street. The woman said one of the men was her boyfriend, and they rented a room to the second man.

She said she and her boyfriend were drunk and began arguing over the father of her child. She wanted to leave, but said her boyfriend grabbed her and held her to keep her from going. The boyfriend told police the woman then began hitting him.

The woman packed her things and left the house. The second man said both the man and woman were scuffling, but said he couldn’t determine which one started the conflict.

• A 59-year-old Savannah man was hit and killed by a car shortly after he committed an armed robbery at the Family Dollar store on Gwinnett Street. Police say the man was hit while trying to ride his bike across the Truman Parkway on Dec. 6 just after 8 p.m.

Store employees said the man came in just before closing and robbed the cashier. He fled from the scene, but no one saw his direction of travel.

About 10 minutes later, police received notice that a man on a bike had been hit by a car on the Truman Parkway by the Anderson Street exit. The man was pronounced dead at the scene.

Evidence, including a satchel containing money, checks from the store, black clothing and two guns – a replica weapon and a handgun -- indicated that the man was the armed robbery suspect. cs

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