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Happy Halloween, bee-yatch
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A couple was at a Halloween party when the wife told her husband she was tired and wanted to go home.

He said he wasn’t ready to leave the party, but they left. On their way home, the man started beating his wife in the face.

The woman told police that she had to jump out of the car to get away. Another woman in the car attempted to break up the altercation, but she was struck in the head by the suspect.

The man who was with the second woman was struck in the lip as he tried to hold the suspect down. The wife said her husband also threatened to shoot her. While on the scene, officers recovered a 9 mm handgun and a short-barreled shotgun. Both guns were loaded.

• An officer was dispatched to the area of Stiles and Coverdale avenues on the report of a vehicle fire.

The Savannah Fire Department was already on the scene, putting the fire out. The car had been parked along the wood line, doused with gasoline and set afire. The gas can was floating down a nearby canal when the officer arrived. It couldn’t be retrieved because the canal was filled with water.

The vehicle, a 2000 model Cadillac, was towed from the scene. Attempts to contact the owner proved futile.

• Police were called to Lawton Avenue and East Gwinnett Street because of a reported stabbing.

A man at the scene had a cut on his right cheek, bite marks on his right chest and left forearm and a cut on his right arm near the elbow. He said he had returned to his residence and his girlfriend confronted him and started a fight.

The man said the woman wouldn’t let him leave and stabbed him with a glass cross. He said she had also bitten him during the fight.

The man refused EMS treatment and said he was going to drive himself to the hospital because he had no one to take his vehicle. When officers found the woman, they saw her glass kitchen table had been shattered.

She said the man had started the argument. He was arrested and charged with aggravated assault.

• A fight between a brother and sister turned violent.

Police were called to their Delesseps Avenue home, where the sister said her brother was yelling and cursing at her while she was standing in the bathroom, so she closed the door. She said her brother opened the door forcefully and approached and used his head to strike her forehead twice.

She said she walked away and called 911. When police arrived, the brother had already left the residence.

The woman refused treatment at the scene. The responding officer could see no bruising or swelling.

• A woman said her son’s father had removed the boy from school without her permission and had taken him downtown.

She said the boy lives full-time with her and has lived with her since he was born. She said there are no formal visitation or custody orders through the courts, and that she is the boy’s full-time caregiver.

The woman said she didn’t know why the man removed the boy from school, or why he didn’t tell her. She told police she wanted to take the boy back to school for the day.

An officer found the man, who became disorderly about being questioned. The officer asked him why he took his son from school without telling his mother, and the man responded, “Cause he goin’ to school in a T-shirt.”

The man said he was taking his son to buy him some clothes. The officer asked him if it was wise to take the boy from school just to buy clothes, and the man refused to reply.

The boy was wearing a polo-style short-sleeved shirt and jeans which were clean and he appeared to be well looked after. He didn’t seem to be upset about the situation.

The officer asked the man where the boy lives and he reluctantly replied that the child lives with his mother. He was advised that the boy’s mother was taking him back to school and told to include her in all things concerning their son to avoid future problems.

The woman was advised to seek formal custody of the child and both were told a report would be completed regarding the situation. The man also was advised about court proceedings, but was reluctant to listen.