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He has guns, too, he says
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WHEN A Maupas Avenue resident threatened to kill his wife and daughter, police received a 911 call that he was threatening them with a gun and nightstick. The dispatcher heard the man making those threats and threatening to kill anyone who came to his house.

Upon arrival, an officer met the wife and daughter in the front yard. They said the suspect was inside the house armed with three handguns, a rifle and two nightsticks.

They said the man’s son is gravely ill and is hospitalized. His daughter got mad that her father never helps her brother and confronted him about it.

At that point, the suspect grabbed a nightstick and told his wife and daughter that he was going to beat them to death. He reached for a revolver on a bookshelf as they dialed 911.

Three officers approached the front door and knocked. When the man answered the door, he stood in the doorway in a fighting stance with his right hand hidden behind his back. The officers asked what was in the hand that was behind his back.

The man said he had a gun and that he was on his own property. Again he was asked to show his hand slowly and was asked if he had anything in his hand.

The man said he was going to shoot the officers with his gun and that they would have to kill him in his house. He was again asked to show the gun and again threatened to shoot the officers.

He then asked why they were at his house. One officer explained that his wife and daughter called police because of an argument. The officer told him that they just wanted his side of the story.

The man said he didn’t know the two people standing out in the front yard, who were his wife and daughter. An officer asked him for his ID and he said he didn’t have any ID and told the officer to leave.

Again, the man said to get off his property or police would have to kill him. He said the police had guns but he had guns, too.

An officer asked the man to show his hand, and he moved his hand to the front but not far enough for officers to see if anything was in it. He then quickly hid his hand again behind his back.

During that time, the man never moved from the doorway. An officer began to move in closer to get a better look at the man’s hand and noticed a shotgun lying on the coffee table, about two feet away from the suspect.

The officer could also see two nightsticks within arm’s reach of the suspect. He continued to talk to the man and to move closer, but the closer the officer got, he was still unable to see the suspect’s hand.

At that point, the suspect became disorderly, yelling threats towards the officers.

The officer again spoke to the man in an attempt to get his cooperation or to get in a good position for a takedown. The man replied that he would shoot the police and that he didn’t have to say anything.

When the man took his attention away briefly, the officer grabbed his right upper bicep, and the man attempted to come forward at police with his hidden hand. The officer told him to stop and relax.

The man attempted to swing his hand up and the officer took him to the ground. The officer struck the suspect twice on the side of the head, telling him to stop fighting and drop whatever was in his hand. He still refused, and it took three more officers to gain control and place him into handcuffs.

Nothing was in the man’s hand. He had a knot on his head, so paramedics were called to take him to the hospital.

He told the officers he “would have their jobs as well.” The wife and daughter said this isn’t the first time he had pulled a weapon and threatened to kill them and everyone in the family, but this is the first time they called police. cs

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