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How not to make friends
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A woman called police to report that she had been receiving regular phone calls from an unknown male. The calls had been happening for about a week by the time she called police.

The caller would tell her that she’d won a large sum of money and tried to make arrangements to meet her at a grocery store on the Diamond Causeway. She told police that the caller often referred to her as “sweetheart” or “darling.” She told police that she never made arrangements to meet the caller and hadn’t given him any money, but that she wanted the calls to stop. The officer advised that she have the phone company block calls from the number. She was provided with a CRN and was told to follow up with detectives.

• Police responded to a vandalism call after a woman returned home from vacation to discover that the clothes in her closet had all been damaged, most with straight, clean cuts to the garments. Nothing else in the house was out of the ordinary. According to the officer, there appeared to be at least 50 items that had been damaged. There were also items in her dresser that had been cut with what appeared to be either scissors or a box cutter. There were no signs of forced entry, however, the woman did find two windows unlocked. She told police that her estranged husband might be to blame. She has a restraining order against him because of his erratic behavior and substance abuse problems. She was given a CRN and her residence was placed on the forensics list.

• During the first day of school last week, the SCMPD’s 911 Command Center was inundated with non–emergency calls regarding traffic problems. The complaints ranged from parents complaining that the pick up line wasn’t moving, to residents complaining that parents had gotten out of their cars and left them blocking private driveways. There were concerns that the influx of calls could negatively impact the ability of police to respond to actual emergencies. If you’re experiencing traffic issues on school campus, call campus police: 912–395–5536, or the SCMPD non–emergency number: 912–651–6675.

• After two months of surveillance, a drug selling operation on the 500 block of East Park Ave. was raided, netting three arrests as well as seizing several firearms and 18 grams of crack cocaine. During surveillance, the officers captured video of drug sales, as well as weapons being stashed.

• A couple was walking home from a Congress Street bar when the guy attempted to ride off on his bike. Concerned that he had been drinking heavily and not wanting anything to happen to him in early morning hours, his lady friend told him not to ride the bike, and that she could put it in her car and drive them home. The guy became argumentative, then gave her the bike and told her he was walking home. The girlfriend followed him with bike in hand until the guy began to yell at her after she asked him to return to the car. He began using abusive language and said he wanted to be left alone. The suspect then grabbed her and pushed her to the ground. He walked off. She went to his residence but he did not return. After waiting around, she called a friend to give her a ride. She was given a CRN and advised on how to obtain a copy of the report.

• The SCMPD is currently offering an online survey to citizens to help improve their service to the community and improve public safety. A link to the survey is available on their website, It is a short survey, and will only take a few minutes to complete.