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"I can't believe you called the police"
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A dispute between neighbors attracted the attention of police and resulted in charges against one of the men. When officers arrived on the scene they spoke with a man who said that his neighbor had threatened to shoot him with a gun. He told officers the man had been drinking all day.

According to his side of the story, the drunk fellow threatened him, went back into his house, then came out again but never brandished a firearm. He also said he wasn’t sure what had made the man so upset, but that alcohol had contributed to the situation. The accused made an appearance and was unsteady on his feet. His speech was slurred, but what was clear was that he’d been drinking all day. He told officers that he didn’t recall threatening to shoot anyone, and that backing up such a claim would be difficult because he didn’t own a firearm. He invited officers to search his home, and they took him up on his offer. They found no gun. The drunkard stated he was upset because everyone was on his nerves. He then apologized and said he’d go inside. The officer liked the idea and told him if he stayed inside he wouldn’t be charged. As the officer pulled away, he looked in his rearview mirror and saw the man walking out the door again. Two minutes later, dispatch put out a call for a disorderly person at the same address. When the officer returned to the scene, he asked the man (who was getting into the driver seat of his pickup) why he’d left the house after agreeing to stay indoors. The man replied, “what are you talking about?” He didn’t remember talking to the officer several minutes earlier. He then turned to his neighbor and said, “I can’t believe you called the police. That’s bullsh*t.”

• An officer saw two youth out after curfew who were riding bikes without lights. He asked them how old they were and one said he was 18, while the other said he was 15. The young man said he was heading to see a friend and that his mom knew where he was. It was shortly after midnight. The elder of the two had no outstanding warrants and was released. The younger one, who was later discovered to have given a false name and DOB, turned out to be on probation. He was charged with curfew violation and while searching his person, the officer found two heart shaped pills in a blue baggie that he believed to be ecstasy. He popped both of them and had a dance party set off by the lights on his cruiser. (Just kidding). He arrested the kid, logged the pills as evidence and transported the youngster to the youth detention center.

• Two men were confronted by a bald man with a medium build with a semi–automatic pistol in the waist band of his pants. They had been walking south on Drayton when the Hispanic gentleman approached and pulled up his shirt, revealing the weapon. He asked, “What you got?”

One of the pair split off and kept walking. When he rounded the corner he called police. The suspect stayed with the other guy, who told him he only had a debit card and an ID. The suspect said he wasn’t stupid, that he couldn’t do anything with a debit card and was losing patience. The man handed over a $50 bill. The suspect walked away casually. Police canvassed the area but did not find the suspect.