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'I got peoples'
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AN ABERCORN Street resident called police after a man made threats on her and her son’s lives. The woman and her son said they had the building’s security officer tell the suspect, who lives one floor above, to turn his music down because it was very loud and late in the evening.

Shortly after, the suspect came down to the victim’s apartment and knocked “very aggressively” on her door. Her son, who was visiting, answered and saw the suspect standing there. He told police the suspect smelled of alcohol.

The son asked the suspect what he wanted and why he was knocking so loud. The suspect replied, “You’re gonna get yours, ‘cause I got peoples.”

The suspect repeated this comment a few times, then left. The son said he felt threatened for both himself and his mother. Later, the suspect threw something on his floor very hard, then yelled, “I’m gonna kill both y’all motherfuckers.”

The officer tried to make contact with the suspect, but no one answered the door. The victims were advised on peace bond and warrant procedures, and the officer told the security guard of the situation.

The victim said she’s had problems with the suspect in the past, but hadn’t reported them to police. She said she was afraid of the man, and she and her son both said they felt the threat made was meant towards them, even though the suspect didn’t name names.

• Police were called to a Bay Street motel after a witness reported seeing one man shooting at another. When they arrived, they located the victim around the back side of the management office.

The victim appeared to be “highly intoxicated” and had a laceration to the right side of this head. The manager of the motel was with the victim and said his employee was the suspect they were looking for and gave them the room number where the suspect was.

The victim was so intoxicated that he couldn’t relay any information about what had happened during the shooting. He didn’t even know how he had injured himself.

The manager said he had heard some type of disturbance, but didn’t witness anything. The officers then talked with the witness who called them, and she said the suspect had shot at the victim.

The officers went to the suspect’s room in an attempt to make contact with him, but before they could knock, the suspect came out. When he saw police, he tried to go back in, but was restrained by officers and taken into custody.

The suspect was asked if he had a gun on his person, and he said, “No, it’s under the bed.” A Ruger .357 revolver was found under the mattress with one spent shell casing and five live rounds.

EMS was called to examine the victim. He had sustained only minor injuries from falling on the ground, but was taken to Memorial Hospital because he was so highly intoxicated and was complaining of back pain.

The witness said she had gone to throw out some trash when she saw the victim fall onto the ground. The suspect began yelling at the victim, telling him he was “a disgrace -- get the fuck out of here.”

She said the victim seemed to be afraid and picked up a broken piece of plastic from a nearby traffic stand and held it as if he was going to use it to defend himself. She said the suspect pulled out the gun and fired a single round at the victim.

When the suspect was taken into custody, he said, “I wasn’t tryin’ to shoot him. I was so close, if I wanted to shoot him, I could have shot him. I was just tryin’ to get him away.” He was charged with aggravated assault. cs

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