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I thought he was drunk but he looks dead
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-- A man was riding his bike "to meet a friend" in the early morning hours when he noticed a body lying in the front lawn of a church on the Southside and called the police. The man told the responding officer, "I thought he was drunk, but he looks dead," and the body failed to respond to any of the officer's attempts to make contact. He went over and touched the body on the shoulder, but still there was no response. The body was deceased, and the removal unit was notified. The man who called the police said he didn't notice anything suspicious or hear anything prior to finding the body, and a search of the grounds turned up a trail of blood and a black duffel bag.

-- Police responded to a call in reference to a young white male in a wheelchair passed out in a backyard. Upon arrival, the officer found the man slumped over drunk and unresponsive, so he called EMS. The young man threw up several times and smelled strongly of alcohol. The officer then went up the street to ask another young man about people drinking in his backyard. The young man said he knew nothing about it, then changed his story to say that three people had been drinking in his yard, but that he hadn't been drinking. He was handcuffed for lying, and for having a known history of incidents with the law. Then the mother and brother of the young man in the wheelchair arrived. The brother was cited for drinking, and at the hospital, the other youth was cited for public drunkenness.

-- One afternoon, a man noticed that one of his car doors was open, and thinking nothing of it, shut the door before going about his business. Two days later while driving the car, the man realized that a ring he kept in the car was missing. As he looked for the ring, he realized that some other things were also missing, including a handgun and an AK-47 assault rifle. He then called police to report his missing items.

-- Police were called to a dispute where a man reported his girlfriend kept banging on the door, yelling and trying to get into his home. It was later discovered that his girlfriend lives at the house, that both of them were under the influence of alcohol, and that the argument had started over $5,000 in cash that the girlfriend had in her purse, which supposedly belonged to her boyfriend. Upon the officer's arrival, the couple decided to split the cash evenly, and then resolve the issue in a civil manner once both had sobered up. The officer watched them exchange the money, and then the woman left the area.

-- A former employee came into a business and threatened an employee, who then called the police. When the police arrived the victim explained that the suspect had come into the business with an object wrapped in a brown paper towel, and brandished it at the employee, threatening "I better not lose my unemployment." The victim took this as a threat, believing that the concealed object was a knife or a pipe. The suspect left before the police arrived.

-- Police were called about a disorderly person and found a man and woman having an argument. The woman stated that the man had taken her wallet and the man countered that the woman had taken his clothes. The officer was unable to discern who was telling the truth, so he left after the man also decided to leave.