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'I'll plead guilty to drunk in public'
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Police were called by an anonymous party reporting that they had been harassed by a man in the area of W. Gwinnett St. and Stiles Ave. Police had been dispatched to the area earlier in reference to a disorderly subject.
Upon arrival the first time, they found a man yelling loudly and drinking beer near a bus stop. Once he saw the officers, the man quieted down. He denied that the beer on the ground near him was his. An officer poured out the beer and the man was advised not to be drinking in public in that area. The man then asked why the officers had poured out his beer. He was checked for warrants and then let go. When officers returned the second time, they found the man in the same spot, still yelling. This time, he had a paper cup in his hand that smelled strongly of wine. He was placed under arrest for public drunkenness, open container and disorderly conduct. While being transported to CCDC, he stated “I’ll plead guilty to drunk in public, because I’m drunk.”

• Officers were dispatched to a burglary in progress call. The victim said he had returned home after receiving a call from his home security company saying that his back door had been breached. When he arrived, he saw a strange car, parked between his house and the neighbor’s. There was a young man standing by the car, which was idling, and when he saw the homeowner he ran off. There was a second man who ran off soon after. Police canvassed the area and found both suspects. One of them was in possession of the key to the car that was parked between the houses. The car had been reported stolen earlier. Both men were charged with burglary and transported to CCDC. One had six outstanding warrants in Chatham County.

• A woman called police to report that her ex–boyfriend, who she had a restraining order against, had showed up at her house with a gun. While police were headed to the scene, they spotted a man who fit the description and was acting very nervously. The officers attempted to make contact with him and he began to run. One officer pursued him on foot, while other followed in the cruiser. The officer stopped the man several blocks away. The officers conducted a search of the area and found a gun he had tossed. The arrestee denied having the weapon and then began speaking rapidly, asking for his mother. The man said he “fit description, and I knew why y’all was coming,” when asked why he ran. He then told officers that he bought the gun from a guy, and then changed his story after further questioning, saying that he found the gun behind some nearby houses. He told officers he lied about buying the gun “because it sounded good.” When they arrived at the residence of the woman who called the police, she told them that the man they’d arrested was not the suspect, her ex–boyfriend. It was a coincidence that he happened to have a gun and was wearing a similar outfit to the suspect. He was arrested for carrying a concealed weapon and fleeing.

• A woman called police to report a flim–flam. She told officers that a man came to her house to provide pest control services and when he had finished, she advised him that she could not leave the house to get his money. She gave the man her bank card and authorized him to get $300.00 from the ATM. The man returned and said that he was not able to get any cash from the ATM. She called the bank and they informed her that $300.00 had been withdrawn. She called the man while the police were on the scene and he said that the ATM showed a message saying that the transaction could not be completed. He then left he bank. The bank told the woman that she would need an incident report in order to proceed with checking who withdrew the money.