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'I'm a f***ing Ranger'
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Shortly after three o'clock in the morning an officer on patrol overheard an argument between three men. One man had gotten out of his car and was yelling, "why the f*** did you hit my car?" The officer intervened immediately. The subject stated that the man smacked the back of his car, but that it was ok because there was no damage. The officer told all of them to leave the scene. Before they left, one of the unprovoked car smackers waved good bye to the driver "in an antagonizing manor." The officer stopped him and asked for his ID. He refused to provide any form of ID. "F*** that, why? I am a Ranger. I don't give a f***," the man told the officer. The other fellow came and asked for the man to be let go because they were both drunk. The foul-mouthed car smacker then got in the officer's face "in an aggressive manner," and began yelling, "who the f*** are you? You're just a f***ing private. You ain't sh**! I'm a f***ing Ranger." The officer pushed him back. Both men began to approach him like they wanted to fight. Back up officers arrived on the scene, a crowd formed and people in nearby residences began looking out their windows at the scene that was unfolding in the street. The officer attempted to flag down a taxi for the two men, to get them away from the scene, but the cab driver refused to give them a ride because they had jumped on his hood earlier. It took several officers to handcuff the men, who were then transported to CCDC.

-- A woman called police to report threatening messages being made. The woman's brother is currently in jail and a friend of his sent the woman a threatening message via Facebook because he believes her brother is snitching to detectives. The message stated "Y'all betta tell dat boy da stop making up sh** befour somebody come up missin." The woman gave her username and password to detectives so they could view the message for themselves. The man who made the threats has an outstanding warrant for armed robbery. Police told her to contact them immediately if she saw the man who threatened her.

-- Police responded to a fight in progress at Rainbow Apartments. The officer spoke with one of the women involved in the fight, who explained that she fought a woman who broke her door. The door breaker was looking for the resident's boyfriend. The door appeared to be forced open and would not close properly. Following the altercation, the door breaker went into the parking lot and smashed the back windshield of the aforementioned boyfriend's car. Via phone, the man stated that he did not want to file charges against the woman for smashing his car window.

-- A woman called police to report that someone had shot her car. The victim advised that she and the suspect had driven to Guyton to drop off her child with the complainant's mother. On the way back to Savannah, the woman wanted to get some cigarettes so she went to "the cigarette man's house" on 39th Street. She retrieved some money from the cigarette man to buy some cigarettes. When she returned to the car, the suspect had a black semi-automatic pistol in his lap. They began arguing and the suspect pointed the gun at her. She dropped him off at his residence, but he took her keys. The victim got her keys back and the suspect ran back to his residence, whereupon he fired several shots at the vehicle, including one that struck the passenger side door. She went back to Mo Jo's house and then to a gas station for some cigarettes. It was then that she noticed the damage to her vehicle. She then drove to her grandmother's house to call the police. The victim said that she and the suspect do not have any children together, but just "mess around." Although she said the suspect fired at her car from the second floor, the bullet hole in her car appeared to have entered at an upward angle. The vehicle was placed on the forensics list.