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Is that a hot dog in your pocket?
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Police arrested a man they found crouching behind a dumpster near a day care facility on the Southside. A concerned citizen had spotted the man and called police.

Officers found him looking at the playground area, and asked him what he was doing there. He replied “eating his wieners.” While patting him down, officers found a package of 22 hot dogs stuffed in his pants. The man also possessed several documents stating that he was a convicted sex offender, including one that clearly stated: “you shall not loiter at any child care facility, school or area where minors congregate.” The man had been dropped off in Chatham County at a shelter. The Sex Offender Unit was called and they said that he had not registered when he had arrived. He was arrested for loitering and prowling. Other charges could be pending.

• Police were called in regard to some disorderly conduct one morning. Upon arrival, they spoke with a man who said that his baby’s mother had left their child at his mother’s house the night before with no food and no diapers. His baby’s mother was there and said that she just wanted to pick up the child because the man was supposed to bring the child to her that day. After checking IDs the officer discovered that the woman had an outstanding warrant for harassing phone calls. The child was given to the man at that time and she was transported to CCDC.

• Police were called by a store owner who suspected that a man was trying to pass a stolen check. The check was made out to the Days Inn. She called the business for authorization, but was sent to voicemail. Moments later, someone called back saying that they were a manager at the Days Inn and that it was ok give money to the man. The woman was suspicious. She called the finance office at the hotel and asked them. They advised the check had been stolen. The man who brought the check in was outside on the phone, so she called police. When they arrived he had fled the scene, but left the check and his ID, which were logged into the evidence room.

• A man approached an officer shortly after midnight and said that he’d been robbed. He told the officer that he’d been walking through the lane behind W. 42nd Street with two unknown females when two men approached him and started beating him with a pole or a stick. They took his wallet, his house keys, cell phone and yellow sneakers. The man said that he had met one of the women earlier, but did not know her name. He said both females were involved with the assailants because they all left together. The officer asked if he could provide any more info and he said that he couldn’t. His bike was found in the lane where the incident took place. He was transported to the hospital for his injuries.

• Officers responded to a call about a fight on West St. Julian Street. When they arrived the fight was over, but there were several individuals with minor injuries that appeared to have been sustained while fighting. Several guys said that anther group of guys had attacked them for no reason. The other group of guys said that they had been talking to some girls and that the first group took offense and started trying to initiate a confrontation. Both parties admitted to fighting, but both parties claimed the others started it. No officer witnessed the actual exchange of blows, so the groups were ordered to separate. CRN cards were issued and warrant procedures were explained.