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'Is this about the bank?'
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‘Is this about the bank?’

A teller from a Waters Avenue bank branch told police a man had come in and tried to cash a forged check for nearly $2,000. A passerby said the man was running west on 63rd Street.

The suspect was found at the intersection of 63rd and Reynolds streets. An officer advised him he matched the description of a suspect.

He asked, “Is this about the bank?” and the officer replied, “Yes.” The man then said, “No problem. I’ll go back to the bank with you.”

The teller said the man had walked into the bank with a check. She called the downtown bank office to request approval and was told the check was fraudulent.

Then she realized two other checks had been cashed in the suspect’s name at the bank’s branches on Bull Street and Mall Boulevard. She said the suspect got very nervous and kept saying, “Give me my check back, I have a kid in my car and I have to check on him.”

The teller then called police and the man left the bank, leaving the check, which was from a local company. The bank’s security office e-mailed two snapshots from each branch where the man cashed the other checks.

The officer attempted to question the suspect, but he was very uncooperative. He said, “I cashed the checks, but only as a favor.”

When asked what else he could tell the officer, the man said he was paid $250 for each check he cashed. Two wads of money were found in the man’s pockets, each one containing $250, but he later recanted, saying the money was his personal money and not payment for cashing the checks.

He was placed under arrest and charged with three counts of forgery in the first degree.

• The manager of a West 57th Street apartment complex called police about problems with vandals.

The woman said she has been having problems with people breaking into the vacant apartments. She said the last time maintenance technicians checked two vacant apartments for damages, they found that someone had broken out windows in each apartment.

In one apartment, “f--k you” was written on the walls and the carpets were damaged. The stove had been turned on and left with a pan of bacon inside.

The manager said both apartments have been vacant for about a month. She said the same person or persons may be responsible for throwing a brick through the window of the complex’s fitness center.

She said she believes the vandalism is being done by juveniles who have been caught in the units once before. However, she declined to have forensics done and said nothing has been taken from the apartments.

The manager said the complex doesn’t have and can’t afford a courtesy officer. She requested and was granted extra patrol of the complex.

• A West 41st Street resident called police after his residence was broken into for the second time in two weeks.

In the latest incident, the burglar or burglars moved a workbench from the back yard to a window on the right side of the residence. A rear window by the back door also was broken. The man said all that he noticed that had been stolen was an iPod.

• A woman told police she was walking down East 54th Street when she saw a man who told her, “Don’t be comin’ round 55th no more” and struck her in the mouth. Small marks from the blow were visible on the inside of her lip.

The man told police that he and some friends were walking on East 54th Street when they saw the woman approaching. They asked her where she was going, and the man said she said something “smart.”

He told her to shut up, and said that’s when she pushed him on his face. He said he told her to stop and pushed her back.

He said the woman then tried to grab him and when he moved, she scratched him on the chest and arm.

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