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'It was nothing'
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Four people walk into a bar, two ladies and two guys. A physical confrontation ensues between the two men, and then both parties fled, one on foot and one in a vehicle. When police arrive on the scene, they find the man who fled on foot, who is walking toward IHOP on Mall Blvd, bruised and bleeding. The man refused service from EMS, and then told police his account of the preceding events. The incident began at an unknown bar where he and the other guy were with the two ladies. While at the unknown bar, the man and his anonymous companion (who was possibly employed by the U.S. military) got into an altercation over "nothing," during which time he got punched in the nose.

An officer was on patrol downtown when a concerned pedestrian flagged him down to say that there was an intoxicated soldier who was being followed by some suspicious characters. The officer located the inebriated soldier and asked where he was stationed so that he might return him to the proper post. While on the phone with staff from Hunter Army Airfield, the soldier told the cop he could "kick his ass." The officer replied maybe when he was sober, but that he doubted it were possible at his current level of drunkenness. The solider asked him to bet on it, and then got up in his face. The officer told him to knock it off, so the soldier upped the ante and screamed "I'll kill you." At this point the officer saw another squad car coming and flagged it down for assistance. He told the soldier to be quiet and stop making threats. The soldier was quiet for 10 seconds before telling the officer, "[expletive deleted] you." The officer cuffed the soldier and put him in the back of the squad car. The soldier then acted like he was going to try to kick out the back window of the squad car while handcuffed, and then tried to slip the cuffs from behind his back. The officer then opened the back door to put the cuffs back behind his back and the soldier grabbed the other officer with his legs and pulled him down into the car. A struggle ensued, and the standing officer couldn't mace the soldier for fear of hitting the other officer he had leg locked. He ran around to the other door, grabbed the soldier behind the ear and told him that if he didn't stop he'd be forced to "break his head." They pulled the soldier out of the car, put him face down on the ground to re-cuff him.

Police were called to the hospital in reference to an animal attack. They found the victim who said he'd been bitten by his pitbull while at home. The man came home from work and was playing video games when the dog jumped up and bit him on the ear, severing his right ear lobe. The medical attendant gave him the piece of his ear in a plastic bag with some ice. The man has no idea why the dog bit him.

Police were called to Wal-Mart in reference to a shoplifter. The man had been known to shoplift before and was seen selecting two DVDs from the sales floor, then walking over to the shoe department, where he removed the items from their packaging and then stuck them down the front of his pants. The subject then walked over to the money center where he cashed a check and then exited the store without paying for the DVDs in his pants. He was stopped by the loss prevention officer and SCMPD was called.