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Its tha bomb!
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Someone called in a bomb threat to a day care center in the Metropolitan neighborhood. 13 small children had to be evacuated and were waiting outside when police arrived.

A similar bomb threat had been called into the same day care a few days earlier too. The caller advised that he was tired of them kicking his kids out of the facility. He said that it would go off when the other kids arrived. The business owner told police that she suspects it is her daughter’s ex–boyfriend who is making the calls. The day before the first bomb threat was called in, police were called to her daughter’s residence after the ex refused to leave the premises. He told them, “this ain’t over,” as he left. No explosives were found in the day care and the owner was given a CRN card.


• An anonymous caller reported that someone in the hotel room next to them was smoking crack. When officers arrived at the Southside establishment, the occupant opened the door and took off running. One officer pursued the man, while another doubled back down the steps to try and cut him off from escaping around the corner of the building. The officer pursuing the man saw him toss a glass object over the railing and into the parking lot. The officer told the man to stop running and get on the ground. He stopped and asked why they were chasing him. He then tried to take off running again, but decided not to when the officer told him there were additional cops at the bottom of the stairs waiting for him. He threw something else over the balcony before laying on the ground. He was cuffed, and the objects he tossed were recovered, including a glass pipe, some brillo pad and a folded piece of paper containing a powdery, rock–like substance. That was all logged as evidence. He was charged with possession, obstruction and tampering with evidence.

• Around 1:30 in the morning, officers were dispatched to Yamacraw after a reported shooting. When they arrived, they discovered a man lying on the floor of his girlfriend’s apartment. He’d been shot through the left shoulder. For an undisclosed reason his pants and underwear were down around his thighs. The man who’d been shot was conscious and responsive, but would not cooperate with police. He told them that three men came up behind him and one of them shot him in the back. There was only one shot. He had no physical description, nor would he offer any information about which direction they headed. There was no blood on the ground and no shell casings. Forensics responded and took photos of the area. The victim’s girlfriend said that she had called him about 45 minutes earlier and he said that he was hanging out with his homeboys. She called back 30 minutes later and he didn’t answer. When she called back again, he said he’d been shot and she rushed back to the apartment. She said he is quiet and doesn’t tell her his business. She was unaware of anyone who would have a dispute with him.

• An officer was on patrol late when he pulled into a gas station on Abercorn. Upon arriving, he noticed a white male urinating on the front of the building. The officer approached the subject and asked, “what are you doing?” The subject turned around and stared. He told the urinator to zip up his pants and have a seat on the curb. The officer obtained the man’s ID and asked again, “why were you urinating on the building?” Due to the man’s heavily intoxicated state, he spoke incoherently, unable to complete a sentence. He was arrested for public intoxication and public indecency.