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It's the bomb
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A business owner on the eastside called police after he heard a loud explosion in the parking lot of his business. He went outside to see what had happened. A witness told police that it sounded like a shotgun had gone off at the back of the parking lot. It turned out to be a homemade bomb. The witness said he saw three black males running away from the business but that they were too far away to be identified. There were several large plastic bottles full of a green liquid substance that were suspected to be homemade "acid bombs." The bomb squad was notified. No injuries were reported.

-- A police officer and a bystander were transported to the hospital after a police cruiser crashed into a house two weeks ago. The cruiser was headed to a crime scene, headed west on 52nd Street when the officer attempted to pass a vehicle, striking a curb and becoming airborne. The vehicle struck a utility pole and landed on the front porch of a residence near where a man was sitting. No one was injured, but the officer complained of chest pains and the resident exhibited signs of anxiety. An investigation was conducted.

-- Officers responded to a disorderly person call. The complainant stated that her roommate was in the process of moving out and that she was trying to make sure nothing was damaged in the process of packing up. She then said the roommate began demeaning her and calling her names. She then said the roommate pulled out a video camera and started filming. She tried to push the camera away and then the roommate hit her. The officer then spoke with the roommate who said that she started taping because the other girl wouldn't leave her alone and was trying to make her uncomfortable. She said she was attacked when the roommate tried to knock the camera out of her hands. The officer was shown the video tape, which was consistent with the second girl's version of the events. Both parties were given CRN cards.

-- Police responded to a call about a shooting. Upon arrival they found a car with Ohio plates had struck another vehicle in the driveway of a residence. The driver was not moving, and was found to have suffered a single gun shot wound to the head. A crime scene was set up, and officers canvassed the area. Forensics and violent crime detectives responded to the scene to conduct further investigation.

-- Two thieves were hospitalized after leading police on a chase with stolen vehicles. The suspects crashed a stolen pickup into an oak tree at 40th and MLK Jr. Blvd shortly after 1 a.m. The truck and another vehicle had been stolen earlier that night when the two suspects approached a couple in Daffin Park and demanded their keys. Shortly thereafter, the suspects stole a purse from a woman who was getting out of her car. The suspects pulled up, demanded the purse and drove off without further incident. Police identified the stolen pick up and began pursuit. Moments later the driver crashed into the tree. One suspect was trapped in the vehicle, and the other attempted to flee on foot. Both were apprehended. A gun, mask, keys and the purse were all recovered from the suspects who were charged with armed robbery, hijacking and carrying a concealed weapon, among others.

-- Police were called to Oglethorpe Mall one afternoon in regard to a purse snatching. A 74-year old woman was walking to her car when a 45-year old man grabbed her purse, hopped in a vehicle and drove off. A witness was able to identify the vehicle and tag number for police who eventually located the vehicle on White Bluff Road. Officers attempted to box in the vehicle unsuccessfully. The suspect lead them to the 12 Oaks Shopping Center, where he then tried to run down two officers and deliberately rammed three police cruisers. The pursuit came to an end near Heard Elementary School. The suspect was charged with robbery, two counts of aggravated assault on a police officer, elder abuse, felony obstruction and numerous traffic violations.