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Just another weird, sad week
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An officer responded to a downtown hotel in reference to trespassing. The manager said the establishment had hired the person several days earlier, but his erratic behavior, including paranoia, had caused them to fire him and tell him not to come back on the premises.

The next day they found him back on the property, talking to a security guard. The manager took the police woman to the suspect, who was in a back room, handcuffed with his personal items laid out in front of him. The officer took the handcuffs off and began to ask questions. The man said he came back to the hotel because he felt safe there. He also said he was under surveillance and his cell phone had been “taken over.” He said he was being tracked via the cellular device. Amongst his personal items was an Altoid tin containing a pipe and some ash. When opened, the officer “detected the odor of burnt marijuana.” The man said he hadn’t smoked since he’d been in Georgia. The officer asked the manager what she wanted done with the man, and she said she wanted him banned from the property. The manager then said the suspect was actually staying in the hotel and had personal items in a room, but the hotel had already gotten him a room at another hotel for the night. The manager told the man he was suspended from his duties and not to return. He signed a ban form and was then driven to the other hotel by the police officer.


 A woman went to Precinct 4 to file a report concerning an altercation with her ex–boyfriend, who is also the father of her two sons. He came to drop off the children, but then told her she wasn’t getting them back until she talked to him. The kids were locked in his truck. The older of the two boys unlocked the door and she went to take them out, but her ex shut the door and locked it. He started cursing. He then started to throw a punch but did not follow through. The woman ran inside to call 911, at which point he drove away with the kids. Once she called 911, the phone rang but there was no answer. She hung up and called her mother. The man returned with the children while she was on the phone. She told him police were on the way. He surrendered the kids. Then the dispatcher called back to see if she was ok. She told the dispatcher she was ok and the kids had been returned. She asked the dispatcher if they were going to send an officer to file a report. The dispatcher said ‘no,’ but instructed her to call if the man returned. The woman grabbed the kids and went to mother’s house.

A man called police to report a theft. When the officer arrived, the man said his fiancee had moved out yesterday and removed her own possessions as well as his flat screen TV. The broken–hearted, TV–less man was issued a CRN and advised of his options.

Just shy of 2 a.m. on a Thursday, an officer was sent on a check subject call and found a woman determined by the officer to be mentally disturbed. The woman said she taken ecstasy and drank alcohol earlier in the evening. The woman was uncooperative, paranoid and upset. She had lacerations on her left arm, which she said came from punching a window. The officer called EMS to examine her. She tried to jump out of the ambulance before she could be transported. Once she’d arrived at the hospital, she told the staff that she’d also had some cocaine. After a preliminary examination, the hospital staff decided to send the woman to Georgia Regional for an involuntary evaluation. While attempting to handcuff her, the woman became combative and the officer required the assistance of several hospital staff to subdue the woman.