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Just one of those days
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Police were called about an injured person. It was reported that a man had been struck in the face with a pair of pliers and was bleeding.

When they arrived on the scene, officers saw the subject standing in the yard holding a towel to his chin. The victim told officers that he’d been hit with small yard clippers. He explained that his friend had picked him up that morning, and that the two had been driving around all day drinking alcohol. He explained that the driver became angry with him for no reason, and when they arrived at the residence, the driver yelled for him to get out of the vehicle. The victim told his assailant that he wouldn’t get out of the vehicle. That’s when the driver got out of the truck, pulled out the pair of clippers and then struck him in the jaw. The victim said he didn’t want EMS to respond, and that he would go to the emergency room later if it was necessary.

• A driver nearly crashed into a marked police officer’s vehicle after running a red light. The officer pursued the vehicle, which slowed down initially and then tried to flee the scene. The driver was going 50 mph in a 25 mph zone. During the pursuit, the vehicle ran a stop sign, endangered pedestrians and then finally stopped. The driver was a middle-aged woman who had glassy eyes and was slurring her speech. She told the officer she’d had “several mixed drinks.” She said that she drove recklessly because she was intoxicated and was scared once she saw the police car. She failed several field sobriety tests in short order, and then tested positive for a BAC of .129 grams. She was transported to CCDC and charged with a handful of traffic violations along with DUI.

• An officer was dispatched to a convenience store on DeRenne Avenue in reference to a counterfeit $20 bill. When he arrived on the scene, the officer spoke with a clerk who said that a man tried to pay for his items with a fake bill. The employee marked the bill several times with the bill testing pen to prove to the man that the bill was phony. The customer waited on the scene for police to arrive. He told the officer that he’d gotten cash yesterday from a MoneyGram at Walmart and then also stopped at an ATM on Waters Avenue, and that the bill could have come from either. The money was taken to the property room and logged as evidence. The customer was out $20.

• Police were called for a family dispute. When an officer arrived he spoke with a woman who said that her brother, who lives next door, had threatened her. She had confronted him because his dogs go to the bathroom in her yard and he doesn’t clean up after them. When police spoke with the complainant’s brother, he said that he did not threaten her. They were both given city ordinance violations for allowing their dogs to run at large through the neighborhood.

• A young man was transported to the hospital with a scalp wound after two unknown assailants opened fire on the car in which he was sitting. Around 7:20 p.m., the young man was sitting in the backseat of a vehicle with a friend in the vicinity of Waters Ave. and 58th Street, when two men walked up and began shooting through the back windshield of the vehicle. The gunmen then ran off and fled the scene in another car. The victim said he noticed the men earlier but did not recognize them. A witness of the incident chased after the suspects but lost sight of them. Police are asking for anyone with information to contact CrimeStoppers.