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Last bus to Margaritaville
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An officer on patrol spotted a white male that appeared to have fallen off a bench at a bus stop and was lying on the ground. The man was lying on his back with his feet over the bench as if he had fallen straight backwards. The officer recognized the man, who had been sitting at the bus stop all evening, and who had been the subject of previous calls to his sister's house for being drunk and disorderly. The officer had seen the man earlier drinking from a white Styrofoam cup and when he approached him, there was a strong smell of alcohol. The officer announced his presence without any response and then tried lightly shaking his foot, which was still propped on the bench. The man eventually responded by saying "keep the f*** away from me," while flailing his hands. The officer repeated that he was there to check on the man, who less than congenially replied, "I'm going to beat your motherf***ing ass if you don't leave me alone." The officer called for backup over his radio, which apparently woke the sleeping drunk, who then looked up and said, "hi officer, what are you doing here?" The officer repeated that he was there to check on him, and that he needed to stand up. The drunk returned to being surly and was taken into custody for public drunkenness and open container.

A woman called police after a man supposedly threatened her dogs. She had been walking her dogs near Forsyth Park when she passed a home where a man was shouting at the front door. She asked him to use the doorbell instead of shouting, to which the man replied that he does not sell drugs, and then, according to the woman, threatened to "put holes in her dogs," one of which was without a leash. Police found the man, who said that after the woman told him to use the doorbell, she said something to the dogs. He felt that the dogs were going to attack him, so he stated that he was going to "kick them in the jaw" if they came near him. He denied saying he would shoot anyone.

Police were called by a man who felt threatened while driving west bound on Montgomery Cross Roads from the Truman. A blue truck pulled up behind him and began to follow him very closely, so he changed lanes. The truck, being driven by a white male in his 50s with short hair, pulled up beside his vehicle and the driver "gave him the finger." He then began signaling that he wanted the man to pull over. The suspect gave him the finger again, and signaled that he wanted the man to pull into the Lake Mayer parking lot. He did so, and obtained the blue truck's tag number, but he did not get out of the vehicle for fear of being assaulted. The driver of the blue truck drove away. The victim said he had no idea why the suspect was disorderly with him.

While on patrol an officer saw a man riding a bicycle the wrong way down a one way street. The man was riding a bike and pushing a shopping cart with two damaged televisions in it. The officer approached the man to advise him of the bicycle violation and to inquire about the televisions. The man stated that he found the televisions in a nearby lane with some trash. While talking with the man, the officer saw an orange prescription bottle in his back pocket. He asked the man whether the pills were his, and he stated that he found them near the TVs. The bottle contained five hydrocodone pills prescribed to someone else. After a subsequent search of the man, the officer also discovered a packet in his wallet containing a white powdery substance. The man stated that it was sweet and low sugar substitute, however, a field test came back positive as cocaine. The bicycle the man was riding had also been reported as stolen. The man was arrested for two counts of possession of a controlled substance and one count of theft by receiving. The two televisions were returned to the lane, and all other property was logged into the property room.