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Long arm of the law
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The Chatham Narcotics Team is “requesting” that local businesses stop selling “herbal incense,” aka synthetic marijuana, stating that in the past 18 months there have been “at least six reported cases of persons smoking Herbal Incense and having serious physiological issues.”

Some of these issues have included strokes, hallucinations, chest pains, and psychotic episodes. “Herbal Incense” packets contain dried, pulverized plant material that has been sprayed with chemicals to make it smell like strawberries, peaches, potpourri, etc. The plant materials are also sprayed with a chemical compound produced to replace THC, the active ingredient in marijuana. When the packet contents are smoked, people get a high feeling similar to marijuana.

CNT is also advising that businesses stop selling bath salts, which are chemical compounds “that have never been found to have medicinal value.” CNT says people are snorting them to get a high supposedly similar to cocaine.

CNT says it “prefers to educate the community on the dangers of synthetic marijuana and bath salts, rather than immediately pursuing criminal charges, and this effort starts with a working partnership with the business owners... CNT is asking the businesses to remove all K2, Spice, Herbal Incense packets or any form of synthetic marijuana along with any item being marketed as ‘bath salts.’”

• Savannah–Chatham Metropolitan Police arrested a 16–year–old Savannah youth and charged him with murder in the shooting death of a Savannah man.

Jarrett Jones of the 900 block of West 42nd Street was charged in the death of Rashaun Bernard Howard.

Howard, 26, of the 1300 Block of Abercorn Street, was found in his wrecked car with gunshot wounds and apparently wearing items of women’s clothing after he crashed into a parked vehicle on Bulloch Street.
Detectives said their investigation led them to Jones, also charged with theft by receiving in another case based on evidence found in his house.

• The 200 Block of Montgomery St. was closed for an hour after two bicyclists struck each other.

Andrea Harriman, 26, was traveling southbound on Montgomery Street when Seung Hae Choi, 21, rode her mountain bike from the sidewalk located on the south side of the Civic Center, entered Montgomery Street and collided with Harriman.

Both women were transported to Memorial University Medical Center to be treated for their injuries.

• Police warn of scam artists using tactics similar to the infamous “Irish Travellers.”

Thieves operating as home improvement workers offer to perform repairs and in some cases, while one person is at the front door, others enter through the back door.

Some items stolen in Spartanburg, S.C., have been pawned in Savannah.

The scammers offer to install linoleum flooring. They also claim to have finished an asphalt job and offer a discount to use up leftover materials. The materials used are of such poor quality the work deteriorates immediately.

Police suggest anyone approached for such services not get involved in long conversations, check to make sure no one has entered other areas of the house, and call 911.