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Maybe Santa was looking for his lost wallet
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A homeowner called police around 3:30 a.m. because the alarm for the roof latch sensor went off and he felt the roof shake. The man went to the roof through a latch inside the house and noticed fresh footprints up there but nothing else. The interior and exterior of the house were checked and everything was secure. There were a large number of tools along the backside of the house because of some construction work in progress. Police requested the man speak with the contractors to see whether any tools were missing and to update the report if necessary. The homeowner was given a CRN. Detectives were not called because it had been raining. Several officers canvassed the area but didn't find any additional leads.

-- Police were called by SCAD security in reference to drug related objects found in a student's dorm room. The residential advisor had reported a student in possession of "a multi color marijuana bong." It is SCAD's policy to have staff contact SCMPD when drug related objects are found so that they can be retrieved and destroyed. The student was read his Miranda warning, and then admitted that the bong was his. He said he'd made the bong for a class, and had just smoked out of it less than an hour ago. He said he'd bought the marijuana on Congress Street for $60. He showed police two small baggies containing a leafy green substance. He was charged with two counts of possession and transported to CCDC.

-- The Board of Education police called for officer assistance at Savannah High. While en route dispatch advised that the subject had fled after pepper spray had been used. The officer was searching for a black male with tan pants and no shirt. It was shortly after 9 a.m. The subject was seen near Duval Street and the officer asked him to stop for questioning. The subject said "I didn't do anything," and continued walking. The officer grabbed the man by the right arm and asked him to step toward the car. The subject pulled back and yelled "don't touch me." A struggle ensued while the officer attempted to push him against the car using an arm control technique. The officer radioed for additional units. While attempting the cuff him, the man pushed back off the car and began fighting the officer. The officer struck him in the knee with his baton and he went down to the ground. He was told to stay on the ground. As the officer approached, the man threw a handful of dirt in the officer's face and took off running, cutting through yards and hopping fences. The officer radioed his location and that he was in pursuit. After the subject hopped a second fence, the officer lost sight of him and then received word that he had been apprehended.

-- A young man was walking home from school on East 41st Street when he was surrounded by three males. They stopped him and went through his pockets, taking his cell phone. They then asked him what size shoes he was wearing. The young man was picked up and his shoes were taken. The three males, described as somewhere between the ages of 12 and 15 years old, then ran off toward 39th Street.

-- Police responded to a check subject near Lake Mohawk. On the scene an officer found an unresponsive man in a vehicle near the lake. He appeared to be sleeping. The officer searched the vehicle to make sure there were no weapons, in case the man woke up and found someone lurking outside his car. The officer found a cell phone and a bottle of a prescription sleep aid on the floor of the car. On his cell phone there were six recently missed calls from the same number. A detective called the number and the person said that the subject had taken 30 sleeping pills in an attempt to commit suicide. The bottle still had 13 pills in it, and it had been refilled a while ago, so police estimated that the man probably didn't take more than six or seven pills. EMS arrived and the man woke up, was slightly coherent, but "not in the best state of mind." He was transported to the hospital.