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Mean Girls
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A car given as a graduation gift was vandalized while parked on B. Wilder Drive.

The victim recently graduated from high school and had been given the car by her grandmother. She told police that the car had been parked in front of her apartment building, and that she was told of the vandalism by a neighbor who called and woke her at 2 a.m.

Nothing was taken from inside the car, but there was extensive damage. When police arrived, they saw that the rear window had been broken out and that there was orange paint splattered along the driver’s side front and rear passenger doors.

An egg had been broken on the rear driver’s side door. There were scratches several inches long along the driver’ side of the car and damage to the rear bumper.

The fender was broken and hanging, and there was a white, powdery substance on the hood of the car. A red brick lay just under the rear of the car and may have been used to break out the window.

A small amount of the orange paint was on the car parked just in front of the victim’s. The victim’s mother told police none of the damage had been present before the vandalism.

She said her daughter had problems with several other girls during her high school years. The victim said she believed one or two of those girls was responsible for the damage to the car.

• Officers on patrol at Bay and Fahm streets saw a car parked in the right lane of traffic. When the driver saw the police, she put the car in gear and attempted to drive it forward. The siren was sounded and the car stopped.

One of the officers walked up to the driver’s side window to talk to the driver. A strong odor of marijuana was coming from inside the car.

The driver was advised a traffic stop was being conducted because she was obstructing the flow of traffic in an unsafe manner. She appeared confused and said something was wrong with the car.

When the officer asked why she hadn’t put her hazard lights on, the driver didn’t respond. Her passenger appeared to be very nervous and was tried to avoid eye contact with the officer when he was asked for his information.

The officer asked if he could search the man’s person and he said yes. Before the search could be conducted, the man reached into his pockets. He was advised to stop reaching into his pockets several times.

He continued to reach in his pockets and was pulling items out of his right pocket. The officer opened the passenger door and grabbed the man’s arm, pulled it behind his back and pulled him from the car.

As the officer pulled the man from the car, a blunt fell from his lap as he came out of the vehicle. He was taken to the ground and handcuffed.

The man was arrested, charged with possession of marijuana and obstruction by hindering and taken to jail. The woman was cited for no insurance and obstructing the flow of traffic.

• A pregnant woman told police a man had pointed a hand gun at her after they had a verbal altercation.

The victim said the man is her cousin’s ex-boyfriend. She said he pointed the gun at her and said, “I’ll wet this whole place up.”

She told the officers she waited 30 minutes to call 911 because she was afraid the man would come back. She said she saw him ride past her residence a short time after the incident. She was advised about warrant procedures.

• A young man left a teen facility and walked to a service station on 37th Street to call his mother for a ride. He said as he stood in front of the store’s door, a second teen grabbed him by the T-shirt and elbowed him in the chest.

The suspect told the victim, “Come on, come on,” and that he “isn’t afraid to go to f--cking jail.” The police came to the scene and the suspect left. When the victim’s mother arrived, she asked that a police report be made.

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