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Memories... like the corners of my mind
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Memories, like the corners of my mind

A visitor to Savannah reported that he was walking along Bay Street in Yamacraw Village when he was approached by a man who held him at gunpoint and robbed him.

The victim said he was very intoxicated at the time of the robbery. He couldn’t remember anything about the suspect, but said he thought the suspect might have hit him, although he wasn’t sure. He was able to list the items stolen from him, however.

When asked why he waited three days before reporting the crime, the victim responded that he isn’t familiar with Savannah, and when he went to what he thought was the police station, there was no one there. The man admitted he might not have been at the right place.

• An officer who was responding to a shooting call was traveling west on Victory Drive. EMS also was going west in response to the call, traveling behind the officer.

When the officer stopped at the light at Victory and Montgomery Street, EMS and a second patrol car turned on their lights and sirens and went around his squad car, through the red light. The officer watched as a Jeep approached the intersection and, as EMS turned the corner, the Jeep immediately followed EMS and turned against the light, pulling out in front of the officer’s patrol car. The driver was stopped and arrested for driving under the influence.

• Police were called to called to a Catboat Place residence on a report of a biting.

The victim called police after her girlfriend bit her left chin. She had a visible mark on her skin where she was bitten, but the skin wasn’t broken.

The suspect said she was lying in bed, talking on the phone, when the victim jumped on top of her and started pulling her hair. She said she bit the victim in self defense.

The victim said she and the suspect had an argument about the phone in the hallway. When she took the suspect’s phone away from her, they began to scuffle. She said the suspect pulled her hair and bit her.

The officer wasn’t able to determine the primary aggressor. The victim was treated by EMS and released, and a mediator spoke with both women.

• A man began arguing with his baby’s mother, who lives at West Broad Court, after she told him he had to baby sit their son.

The argument escalated, and the woman locked the man out of the apartment. He broke one of the bedroom windows with his fist, so she opened the window, at which point the man tried to pull her outside through the window.

The woman opened the front door to retrieve her son, and when she tried to close the door, the man forced it open and got inside. They began arguing again, and the man began punching her in the face with a closed fist.

She began hitting him back in self-defense, and said at that point, he pushed her down on the couch and began to strangle her with his hands. She said she was beginning to black out when he stopped.

The man left then, but returned shortly after, and they began to argue. He started to punch the woman again, but a witness to the altercation began yelling and he stopped.

He jumped on a red “Trek” bicycle and fled the scene.

The witness told police she had seen the entire incident. The victim sustained abrasions on her neck and chin, but refused treatment by EMS.

A lookout for the suspect was called and a supervisor and violent crimes detective were notified. Forensics was called to photograph the broken window and the woman’s injuries. cs

Give anonymous crime tips to Crimestoppers at 234-2020

• Two men were seen fleeing a fast-food restaurant on Johnny Mercer Boulevard late at night after one of them threw a brick through the glass door leading into the restaurant playground.

An anonymous caller notified police about the damage. The witness said the men jumped into a small green car, so a lookout was posted.

The manager was called to check the building and look at the security video taken at the time of the incident, but nothing was found. The door that was broken doesn’t have an alarm, but the suspects didn’t appear to have gone inside the store.