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Middle school crime spree!
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There has been a rash of crimes committed by 12 year olds in the past few weeks. In the first incident, a pizza delivery person called police after being held up at gunpoint for two pizzas and some breadsticks.

The delivery person arrived at the destination with an order only to discover that it was an abandoned house, at which time a 12 year old brandishing a shotgun stepped out and demanded the food.

Police later located the suspect riding his bike in the area.

In the second incident, a 12 year old stole a car from a parking lot during the late afternoon or early evening. Later that evening, police were notified by the owner that he had located the vehicle while driving around the area with his brother. They attempted to stop the driver of the stolen vehicle, who then bailed out from the car. The owner chased down the suspect and held him until police arrived.

• An officer responded to a 911 call hang up and upon arriving at the residence spoke with the homeowner, who stated that his 19 year old daughter was either drunk or on drugs. He said she was the one who called 911. The officer was invited in to speak with the young woman. He immediately noticed the smell of alcohol and asked her if she was alright. She said that she had an argument with her boyfriend earlier and got drunk. The officer asked her how old she was and she stated 19. He then asked her why she called 911 and she stated that it was because she was scared of her father. She was arrested for underage drinking and en route to CCDC made numerous comments about only being drunk and that she didn’t kill anyone.

• An officer on patrol stopped at the intersection of 36th and Drayton and saw a man standing in front of a tree with his hand in front of groin area. As the officer tried to figure out what was going on, she noticed that there was a wet stream on the ground in front of him, and that he was in the midst of urinating on the sidewalk. She stopped the subject and asked if he was aware that it was a violation of city ordinance to urinate in public. The subject, seemingly hoping for a warning, said that it was his first time ever doing something like that. The officer asked him for his information, and he gave her what turned out to be a misspelled last name, as well as a false date of birth and social security number. The officer tried to run his information, but found no records. Eventually, his correct information was ascertained and he was charged with disorderly conduct, public indecency and obstruction. He was transported to CCDC.

• An officer was dispatched to a hospital in reference to an injury report. A woman was grilling out on the 4th of July. She opened a side vent to add more charcoal and then when closing the vent, flames flared up, shooting out the side and burning her hand. The burn caused the skin to peel away on her hand. She was given a CRN.

• A grocery store was robbed on a Saturday morning. Around 8 a.m., officers were dispatched to a call of a robbery in progress. Employees said that they had been opening the store when a black male with a mask and handgun entered the store. He made everyone get on the ground while he removed money from the register. At some point during the robbery, a customer was pistol whipped and his phone was taken. The robber then walked out the front door minutes before police arrived. They later found and arrested the subject, recovering both a handgun and a shotgun. There are other suspects still at large.