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Moral: Don't trust a guy named 'Brick'
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A man called police to report that his garage apartment had been burglarized for the sixth time in two years. He said he had left his residence in the morning and returned shortly after to discover someone had just broken in. The suspect removed a side window panel to gain entry.

The window glass was located just beneath the sill and was broken at one corner. The suspect apparently cut himself, as there was blood on the window sill. Once inside, the suspect stole two weedeaters and multiple DVDs. There was a third weedeater found on the side of the residence that the suspect had taken out of the house, but left behind.

The victim said as he was leaving that morning, a man he didn’t know stopped and asked to borrow a tool. He said although he doesn’t know he man personally, he recognized him as someone who does yard work in the area at times.

Later in the day, the victim saw a man he knows only as “Brick” in the area driving a truck that appeared to have his missing items in the back. The driver sped off when he saw the victim. “Brick” had begged the victim for money not long ago. Forensics was called to the scene and a case report number was given to the victim.

• When police were called to a report of a domestic situation with injuries, they arrived to find an ambulance and fire truck already on the scene. The officer went to the residence. A woman opened the door and the officer asked, “Where is he?”

“Right there,” the woman said, motioning toward her left. The officer stepped into the house and found a man who the officer had dealt with before sitting on the sofa.

He was eating what appeared to be French toast and was cuddled up with his 4-year-old daughter. When the man saw the officer, he became angry and yelled at the woman for calling police. The officer asked the woman what happened. She said the man had punched her in the head several times. When the officer asked the man what happened, he said he was mad because the woman wouldn’t let him see his children. He was arrested on charges of simple battery and domestic violence.

• Police were called to Candler Hospital on report of a forgery. A woman said that she had gone into the hospital to give birth. She gave her debit card to her boyfriend so he could pay bills. The man said he had withdrawn $250 from the account to pay the bills, and believes he may have accidentally left the card behind at the ATM after the transaction. When he went to return the card to the woman, he couldn’t find it. The woman immediately called her bank to check all transactions. Four unauthorized transactions totalling about $220 had been made since the card had gone missing. Because she was hospitalized, the woman couldn’t go to the credit union to get a printout of the transactions, so the officer went. The woman was given a case report number.

• Neighbors called a woman who had gone out of town to tell her that her front and back doors were open. Police arrived at the Grimball Point Road address and learned that the woman’s son was staying at the house with his father while his mother was out of town. He said he checked the house and found some drawers, shelves and items in his room that had been disturbed. The man said that he didn’t notice anything missing, and couldn’t find any damage. The only area that seemed to have been disturbed was his room. He told police he wasn’t sure if he had locked all the doors to the house when he left and said he might have left one or two of them unlocked. There were no signs of forced entry.

• A woman drove a friend to a doctor’s appointment on Waters Avenue. She helped her friend walk inside the building and came right back out within a few minutes. While walking back to her car, she noticed the glass from her passenger side window had been shattered on the ground.

At first, she thought the heat had caused the window to shatter, but then she noticed that her purse was gone. She said the purse had her ID, business credit cards, her personal debit card and insurance cards.

There also was about $200 in cash in a side pocket to purchase items for her job. Forensics was called to fingerprint the car and extra patrol of the area was advised. The woman was given a case report number card.