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Moving Violation? Or, the City of Motherly Love
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A property manager called police about a disruptive teenager. The young man lived with his mother at the apartment complex, but his mother had apparently decided to move out of the apartment without him because of his behavior.

She left him a note on the front door telling him about her decision and also informing him that he had one day to vacate the premises. The young man woke up to find someone at the apartment to change the locks. He became upset and went to talk with the property manager. He asked to use her phone, and she said he could, so long as he stayed inside the office. He got his mother on the phone and began cussing. He told her that if he didn't have a place to live, then neither would she, because he'd burn it down. That's when the property manager called the police. According to the young man, he took the phone outside and the property manager got involved in his conversation. The property manager was advised on eviction procedure because the young man was not of age to have the lease signed over to his name. The young man was given one week to be out of the apartment. The property manager was issued a CRN.

-- Police were called by a man who complained that his boyfriend came home and woke him up. They recently moved in together about six months ago. An argument ensued. According to the complainant, the suspect grabbed him by the ankles and pulled him out of bed. There was no further violence, and no signs of violence around the residence. Peace was restored and neither party wanted to leave to cool their tempers. The complainant was given a CRN card.

-- Police were searching a man during a subject check. They found a small glass tube used as a crack pipe in his front pocket. The man was asked if the pipe belonged to him, and he said that it did indeed belong to him. He was charged with and arrested for possession of a drug related object.

-- A neighbor called police in regard to a suspicious individual riding a bicycle back and forth along the street and walking up into people's driveways. Officers arrived and found the individual nearby. He was riding his bike at night with no headlight. When officers asked the young man a few questions, he admitted to breaking into two cars and stealing the bike he was riding. The young man was taken into custody.

-- Police were called to a home in regard to a dispute. Once they arrived, two officers heard loud arguing from inside. They entered the residence, heard the situation escalating, found the two individuals - a man and a woman - and separated them. An officer questioned the woman who said that the argument started over money. She stated that the man began to intimidate her by "bowing up his chest" and becoming loud. She told the officer that she had gone to the kitchen to get a butcher knife for protection. Once police arrived, she put the knife down and it was secured. No physical contact was alleged. The officer then spoke to the man who agreed that they were arguing about money, but said the woman got angry and grabbed to the knife. He stated that she was waving it around in front of him, when he tried to grab it from her, but she "pulled it away in a stabbing motion." A scuffle ensued and then the police arrived. The man had a small scrape on his thumb, and was bleeding from his left pinky finger, which he said he received when he fell back toward the door. The man had two outstanding warrants from Bulloch County for "Insufficient Funds Check." Milton was arrested to be held for Bulloch County. Regarding the fight, no primary aggressor was established, and no charges pressed. The couple's six year old daughter was in a separate room and slept through the incident.