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Nabbing the Pizza Robber
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A 15–year old was arrested after robbing an undercover police officer and firing shots at police. The 15 year old was already on probation for simple battery relating to an incident last year. After several pizza delivery people had been robbed at an apartment complex, several units, including the Neighborhood Task Force and the K9 unit, positioned themselves in the parking lot. An undercover officer pulled up to the complex dressed as a delivery person and was approached by the juvenile. Once the officer had been robbed, he called it in to the waiting officers. When the youth saw the officers descending upon him, he opened fire and took off running. The officers searched door–to–door until they found him.

• An officer found a heavily inebriated girl and her two mostly sober friends creating a scene near City Market. EMS had been called, but the call was cancelled once the officer ascertained the girl was coherent. While the officer was trying to deal with the situation, a guy kept coming up behind him to see what was going on. The officer asked him if he was part of their group. The passerby replied “no,” and the officer asked him to back up. The man took two steps back, and slowly drifted forward again. The officer told him he needed to be at least 20 feet away while the situation was dealt with. The man refused to comply and began to question the officer, he was arrested for obstructing an officer and public drunkenness.

• A case of road rage turned dangerous and resulted in one man being shot. The victim said he was driving south down Washington Street near Garfield Ave. around 4 p.m. when the suspect was driving northbound, directly toward him in the wrong lane. When the other driver avoided a collision, the victim yelled some choice words about the reckless behavior. The suspect turned around and came back. They both got out of their vehicles and an argument ensued. It ended with the reckless driver shooting the other man. The shooter left, but the other man got a hold of his cell phone. The phone led police back to the residence of the car owner.

• A woman called police after a man pushed his way into her apartment brandishing a knife and threatening her children. A struggle ensued and he stole her purse. She’d heard a knock at her front door, and when she answered it, the suspect barged in waving a knife. She grabbed her kids, running out the back door, while the robber grabbed her purse and ran out the front door of the residence in the 1400 Block of E. 35th St. The victim told police she recognized the man. She didn’t know his name, but reported that she saw him often around the neighborhood. After canvassing the neighborhood, police were able to confirm the identity of the suspect as Kenneth Cobb, age 49. He’s wanted for aggravated assault, armed robbery, and cruelty to children.

• A young man who bumped into an ex–girlfriend while stopped at an intersection ended up on the wrong side of the law after a fight. They pulled into a nearby parking lot after she confronted him and a fight ensued. When officers arrived, they asked the vehicle’s occupants to put their hands in the air, but the young man only raised one. He appeared to be concealing something under his other hand. It turned out he was concealing six bags of marijuana. Additional searching turned up a kitchen knife, a semi–automatic pistol and more than $1,200 in cash.