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News flash: Crack, sex don't mix
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While on routine patrol at West Bay and Carolan streets, an officer was flagged down by a bystander who advised of a possible cutting at a Rogers Street residence.

Upon arrival, the officer saw a man standing in the living room of the house, completely naked. He had several cuts on the front of his upper body and blood was dripping down his torso. A woman was standing outside the house, yelling and apparently frantic. She was extremely sweaty and had a knot on the right side of her forehead.

According to the woman, the man forced entry into her residence while she was away. When she returned, the two began fighting and she threw a glass vase at him. The woman said the man gained entry through a window. Officers weren’t able to find any sign of forced entry to any of the windows.

She said the man didn‘t belong there, but according to the man, he and the woman were “making love” while she was high on crack cocaine. The two began arguing and she threw the vase at him. The man was taken to a hospital for treatment.

• An officer was dispatched to the area of 38th and Whitaker streets on a report of shots fired. While the officer was searching the scene, dispatch advised that a man had called to report that someone had shot at him and he was standing by at 39th and Howard streets. The officer located the victim, who told him he had been at a Bull Street liquor store when he saw a former employee inside.

The victim said he had filed a larceny report earlier that morning that named the employee as a suspect in the theft of a large amount of merchandise from the victim’s now closed-down clothing store. He said the suspect approached him as a second man reached into an SUV, pulled something from the back and tucked it in the waist band of his pants.

At that point, the victim became frightened and tried to go into the store. One of the suspects shot at him and the security guard called police. The suspects fled.

• Police were called to a Fontenot Drive residence on a report of a disturbance. A woman at the scene said that her brother has been diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic and that he wasn’t taking his medicine. The man accused his sister of stealing $25,000 from him. He told police he had been supporting the household and refused to do it any more. He did admit that he had been arguing with his sister, but said at no time did the argument become violent. He also admitted he wasn’t taking his medication, but said he would see his doctor as soon as he took care of his finances.

• A man knocked on the front door of an East 41st Street house, then when it was opened, stuck his foot in the door and pointed a pistol in the face of one of the residents. A second suspect went past the victim, heading to a front bedroom where a second victim was watching television. Both suspects were carrying pistols and kept yelling, “Where’s the money? Give me the money!” at the victims.

One victim said he fell down on his knees then emptied his pockets to show he had nothing. The second suspect got angry and fired a round into the wall. The victim said he tossed the man his wallet, which contained his driver’s license and two credit cards. The first suspect became angry and attempted to shoot the victim’s dog, who was in the dining room.

The first suspect then took the victim’s keys off the living room table and the men left. No injuries were reported during the incident. Forensics was called to process the scene. Dispatch received a call about a suspicious vehicle with two men inside who resembled the suspects. The car had stopped in the middle of the road, but the suspects weren’t immediately located.

• An East 34th Street resident was inside his home when he heard a loud noise outside. He then got a phone call from a friend, telling him to go outside and check his car. When the man went outside, he found that the driver’s side window was smashed and a hammer was inside on the driver’s seat, so he called police.

He then called his friend, who said her boyfriend was “going to do something stupid.” The car actually belongs to the man’s father, so he called his father to report that the car had been damaged.

When police arrived, a neighbor told them she had seen a black truck pulling away from the damaged vehicle. Forensics was called to process the car and the hammer, but no fingerprints could be lifted.