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News flash

Police were called to 67th and Waters on the report of a flasher.

One woman said she was at the bus stop and the suspect kept asking her about the date. She tried to ignore the man, but when she finally looked at him, she saw that he had his penis out of his pants and was playing with it.

The woman left the bus stop to go to a nearby restaurant to call for help. She said the man followed her and when she turned around to confront him, he was still jerking his penis.

A second woman pulled up in her car and let the first woman get in so she could get away from the man. She told police she saw the victim trying to get away from the suspect, who she confirmed was jerking and shaking his penis.

When police arrived and asked the man about the incident, he claimed he just wanted to kill himself. He was charged with indecent exposure.

• A woman was charged with driving without a license and obstruction of justice after an officer witnessed her car passing another vehicle on Staley Avenue in an area with a double yellow line on the roadway, meaning no one can pass.

As the officer attempted to stop the vehicle, the woman passed a second car, again in an area with double yellow lines. The woman told the officer that her son had just been hit by a car and she was trying to get home to check on him.

The officer told the woman no calls had come in about anyone getting hit by a car. The officer asked the woman for her driver’s license, but she said she didn’t have one. The woman was then asked for her name and date of birth. She gave a name and date of birth, but didn’t know her Social Security number. The information was returned as not being on file. The woman was asked several more times for her name and date of birth, and each time she gave the same false name and date of birth.

The vehicle came back as a rental car. The woman was arrested.

• A Southside resident told police that everything in his house was in order when he left for work at 8:30 a.m., but said when he returned home, he noticed someone had been in the house.

The man walked through the house to see if anyone was still there. The suspect or suspects had been in every room of the house but two.

The dresser drawers had been pulled out in two of the bedrooms and the mattresses were off the beds. Clothes had been thrown on the floor is one of the bedrooms, and the jewelry boxes had been searched and the jewelry thrown around the room.

The man said he didn’t know if anything was missing. He said his wife was at work and would look through the jewelry when she got home.

The thieves apparently gained entry through the side door or back glass-sliding doors, which were unlocked. The man said he didn’t want forensics to come in and process the house, unless his wife disagreed with him and wanted fingerprinting done.

• A man was seen turning north onto White Bluff Road from Abercorn Street. An officer watched as the man cut off two vehicles while driving at a high rate of speed and changing lanes without a turn signal.

The officer got behind the man’s vehicle at Echols Street. By the time the driver reached Eisenhower Drive, he was traveling at speeds in excess of 80 miles per hour.

The officer waited until there were no more vehicles around the suspect’s car to activate his emergency equipment. The man stopped three blocks later on Hampton Street.

Before the officer could ask the man for his driver’s license, the man exited the vehicle, unsteady on his feet and having difficulty standing. The officer asked the man why he was driving so fast, and he replied he was trying to get home.

While talking to the man, the officer smelled a strong odor of alcohol coming from his person and noticed that his speech was severely slurred. The man refused to submit to a breath test and was arrested.

• An off-duty officer was working at a Montgomery Street business when a woman came running in and said her car had just been car-jacked.

The woman said she had parked and was just about to turn the car off when a man approached her, showed her a pistol and told her to give up everything. The woman said the man took her car with everything in it.

She said she asked if she could at least keep her bag and cell phone, but the thief refused. The car was last seen turning left onto Barnard Street and going north.

The woman said a baby seat, Blackberry, a luggage bag with dancer’s clothes and $1,000 in cash were taken with the car. She also lost her driver’s license, Social Security card, a bank card and credit cards.

A nearby resident witnessed the incident. He told the officer that he had seen the man walking up and down the street before the carjacking.

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