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Night of the Long Knives
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A WOMAN was arrested and charged with aggravated assault after she stabbed her boyfriend with a kitchen knife.

Police were called to a West 39th Street residence because of a domestic dispute. A man at the scene had a small puncture wound on his upper left chest, so an officer called EMS. The man said he and his girlfriend had gone to a party and came home late. They began arguing, and the man threw a pair of the woman’s pants outside.

The woman went and got a kitchen knife, then went towards the man. He told her she wasn’t going to do anything with the knife, and she stabbed him, then threw the knife in the kitchen sink. The woman seemed intoxicated and was very unsteady on her feet. She smelled like alcohol and was unable to concentrate on details.

She told police her boyfriend was mad at her and picked up a knife and stabbed himself in the chest so he could get her in trouble. The man said he didn’t want to press charges.

The woman was arrested. The man was taken to Memorial Hospital. The woman’s sister was baby-sitting at the time and was able to stay with the suspect’s children, none of whom were awake or in the room when the incident occurred. The knife was recovered from the sink.

• An officer was traveling on President Street and Truman Parkway. A car was stopped in the left lane of traffic, and appeared to have broken down, causing traffic to slow down.

The officer stopped to assist. A woman came out of the driver’s side and said she ran out of gas and that someone was coming shortly to assist her.

The woman’s tag had expired in January, and the officer asked the woman if she was aware that her tag was expired. She said she did know, and she said she’d been aware of the expiration for some time.

When asked for proof of insurance, the woman said she didn’t have any. When asked if the car was uninsured, the woman admitted that it was.

She was cited for expired tag violation and no insurance. The car was towed from the scene and a friend took the woman home. The woman said she’d lived in Georgia since May, but she was driving on a driver’s license from Colorado. She was given a verbal warning for not obtaining a Georgia license after becoming a resident.

• A concerned citizen called police to report a “sick person” on Ventura Boulevard. An officer who arrived on the scene saw a man lying face down in the gutter near a brick mailbox. A second man was standing near the victim, who was breathing but unresponsive. EMS arrived at the scene and began treating the man.

The second man said he didn’t see what happened, but was walking by on his way home when he discovered the victim. He said he placed a jacket over the man and called 911.

The victim regained consciousness and said he was on his way home from work when he was attacked by a man who robbed him and knocked him out. His mother came to the scene to take the victim home.

• A West 59th Street resident told police her former roommate came looking for her. She said the man walked to the side of the house where the power meter is located. Shortly after, the power went out. The woman asked the man why he took the power meter from the house, but he didn’t answer. She said he walked across the street, picked up a brick and came back, throwing the brick through the front door, breaking the glass in both the screen door and the front door of the house. The man threw a second brick through a front window.

The officer walked around the house and saw that the power meter had indeed been removed. cs

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