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No five finger discount
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A clerk at a convenience store on Drayton Street called police to notify them of a shoplifting in progress. When officers arrived on the scene they made contact with the young woman who was believed to have stashed several items in her purse without paying for them.She was asked if she had any merchandise she had not paid for, and showed officers a cup of fruit in her hand. She was asked if she had any additional items and said no. Everyone waited patiently for the clerk to finish ringing up a large group of customers. In the interim, the woman who had been detained pulled two rings out of her pocket and said that she planned to pay for them, but that her hands were full with the fruit cup. The officers asked if she would mind them looking in her purse. She gave several evasive answers, and then granted them permission. Inside her purse, she had several items with price tags on them matching merchandise in the store. While officers were speaking with her, she pulled a plastic baggie out of her purse and stuffed it down the front of her pants. The move did not go unnoticed by the officers. She was handcuffed and a female officer was called in to retrieve the baggie, which was found to contain oxycodone and other pain killers. Police also recovered a burnt spoon from the young woman's purse. Officers watched the store's surveillance video and saw the woman pocketing items. In total, she had netted $80.61 in merchandise. She was arrested for two counts of possession of a controlled substance, drugs not in original container, and theft by shoplifting. She was transported to CCDC.

-- Shortly before 10 in the morning, officers responded to a robbery call in the 500 block of E. River Street. Two women, one age 68, the other age 80, were walking down the E. Broad Street ramp when a white male jogged up behind them, knocked one down and grabbed her purse. He then ran off along Factor's Walk. The woman sustained minor lacerations on her knee and lip. EMS responded to the scene and additional officers canvassed the area. The perpetrator wasn't located. He was described as 20 years old, about 5'10" in height, and clean shaven with short hair. He was wearing tan shorts and a long sleeve black shirt.

-- Police were dispatched to a downtown property for an alarm call. After inspecting the property, the officer found no signs of forced entry. All the doors and windows were secure. There had also been no storms or power outages. The officer returned to patrol.

-- An officer was transporting a woman to the Inner-City Night shelter when he observed a silver Lexus SUV turn the wrong way down Montgomery Street off of Broughton Street. The officer turned on his blue lights to keep the vehicle from striking him head on. The officer requested assistance from Precinct 2 as well as a DUI Task Force officer. The woman was asked for her drivers license, which she gave, but could not provide proof of insurance. The woman was asked if she had been drinking. Her speech was slurred and her eyes were glassy. She said she had one drink earlier that evening. She proceeded to fail the field sobriety test and a breathalyzer test revealed a BAC of .141 grams. She was cited for DUI, driving the wrong way on a one way street and driving without proof of insurance. Her vehicle was secured and she was transported to CCDC.

-- Officers responded to the Coast Guard station in reference to a found explosive ordinance. When officers arrived on the scene, they made contact with the Explosive Ordinance Disposal team at Fort Stewart to retrieve the flare. Police then escorted the unit back to the bomb range where the ordinance was promptly destroyed.