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No shoes, no service
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-- Police were called by a homeless man who had his shoes stolen. Several homeless witnesses corroborated his story to police. They stated that the victim had a dispute with a man in tan shorts because both men claimed rightful ownership of the shoes in question. After the fight, the suspect left with the shoes. The victim wanted to file a report, but did not wish to press charges. The case was filed as a disorderly person, rather than a theft, because proper ownership of the shoes could not be established.

-- A woman was stopped at a stop light when another vehicle crashed into her from behind. The driver of the second vehicle said she tried to stop, but that the brakes on her vehicle had "failed or something." The driver of the first car was taken by EMS after complaining of lower back pain, and the driver of second car refused medical attention, although she complained of pain in her right ankle.

-- A woman came to the front desk of the police precinct to complain that she was receiving threatening phone calls advising her to watch herself, her child and her property. She knew the suspect and the suspect's phone number.

-- A woman showed up to work in the morning to discover that the front window had been smashed by a brick. After calling police, she discovered that over $200 in petty cash was missing from the office. The business had a security system, but neither the business owner nor police had received any calls from the alarm company about the alarm being triggered. The surveillance video revealed what appeared to be a white male in a white t-shirt and dark pants. The suspect entered the business, took the petty cash, went into the bathroom, and then tried unsuccessfully to pry open the ATM at the location. A CRN was issued.