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Caught with pants down

Police responded to a call initiated by a Bryan County Sheriff’s deputy. They arrived on Fort Argyle Road and found a woman, passed out in the driver’s seat of a pickup truck.

The woman wasn’t wearing anything below the waist. Police attempted to wake her up, but she was very intoxicated.

She was instructed to clothe herself, and found her pants on the floorboard of the truck and put them on. The keys to the truck couldn’t be located.

The woman said the truck belonged to her sister. After a few minutes, she was finally able to get out of the truck, stagger over to the squad car and get in the back seat.

The officer took the woman home. She couldn’t recall what had happened, but said she was waiting for her boyfriend when she passed out.

• Two women ordered pizzas three days in a row from an Abercorn Street business. When the pizzas were delivered, the women paid for them by check.

However, when the owner deposited the checks in his business account, all three were returned, stamped “account closed.” The man said he returned to the women’s residence to collect the money for the checks. When he arrived, the suspects told him they didn’t have any money to give him. They told him to go to police and said, “All they can do is give us a court date.” The man said the checks were written on accounts at two banks, and said the suspects knew both accounts were closed, but wrote the checks anyway. He said he would be willing to prosecute the women for fraud.

• A woman was walking along Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard when her ex-boyfriend came running towards her. The woman told police the man started to argue with her, but she told him she wanted nothing to do with him.

The man knocked her to the ground and began kicking her in the face and arms. The woman had visible scratches on both forearms and swelling on the left side of her face, but refused treatment by EMS.

• When the employee of a Skidaway Road business returned to her car in the parking lot, she found that the windshield had been smashed. She called police, and told them she didn’t know who smashed the windshield or how they did it. The top passenger side of the windshield was shattered and indented as if something had struck it at a high velocity. An officer walked around the vehicle and found pieces of gravel. It appeared a vehicle had been doing doughnuts on a dirt and gravel road nearby, and apparently a rock was kicked up by the vehicle, causing the damage to the woman’s car.

• A Cornwall Street house being renovated into rental property was broken in to and several items were stolen. The owner told police the house is unoccupied at the present time.

He said he received a call from the contractor who is doing the renovations. The contractor said someone had kicked the rear door open and removed the fuse-box panel. The refrigerator, stove and air-conditioning unit also were missing. The owner said he believes the contractor knows what happened to his property. Forensics was requested to process the scene for evidence.

• An Abercorn Street business owner told police she has received about five calls from a man whose name she doesn’t recognize. She said the man acts as though he wants to purchase items from her business and have them delivered.

However, the caller refuses to give his name or address, or provide any information. The woman has asked him repeatedly not to call, but he calls, anyway.

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