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On Saturday, April 12, police responded to a golf-club swinging incident involving two groups of men who were playing golf at the Henderson Golf Club.

Two men were injured -- the Rev. Leonard Small and William Boyd Harner. At the time, each group indicated the other had instigated the fight.

The responding officer chose not to arrest the entire group involved in the altercation, and a detective was assigned to investigate the incident.

Rev. Small’s party and Harner’s party, a group of soldiers who had just returned from Iraq, were both cooperating with police. However, Small obtained a Magistrate Court warrant on April 14, which police say preempts investigative efforts, so the matter is now in the jurisdiction of the courts.

• A simple noise complaint nearly turned into a brawl when an officer responded to a Middleground Road apartment on a report of loud music.

The complainant met the officer, who told him he would speak to the occupants of the noisy apartment. The man responded that this happened all the time and he was tired of it, adding, “I’m going too, because I want to talk to him also.”

The officer advised the man to stay inside his own apartment and let him handle the situation. The man returned to his apartment and the officer thought he went inside.

However, while he was speaking with the noisy tenant, the man showed up outside the apartment and began yelling. It soon reached the point that the tenant was coming down the steps and screaming at the man.

The officer ordered both of them to calm down. No arrests were made.

• A man was walking along East Gwinnett Street when a car pulled up behind him, then passed and got in front of him.

A man dressed all in black and carrying a shotgun got out. The victim ran a few feet to try to get away, but the suspect the shotgun leveled the shotgun at him and said, “Do you want to die?”

The victim stopped and the suspect came up to him and took his wallet. The suspect then returned to his vehicle and sped away.

A woman driving in the other lane witnessed the armed robbery, and told officers she would be willing to speak with detectives about what she saw. The victim lost $12 in cash that was in his wallet.

• Police arrested “John Doe,” a man dressed all in black, on Waters Avenue in an area that has had numerous burglaries. The suspect was standing in front of the glass entrance door of a business that was closed.

Because of the other burglaries, an officer approached the suspect in a marked unit. When the suspect saw the officer approaching, he began to walk away at a quick pace, but stopped when the officer told him to.

The suspect appeared very nervous and his hands were shaking. When asked what he was doing, he refused to respond or give his name or explain why he was standing in front of the business. He was placed under arrest for loitering and prowling.

• A bomb threat was called into an Abercorn Street clothing store. Police arrived and spoke with the store manager and two store clerks.

One clerk said she was working in the customer service area when she received a phone call from a number that was listed on Caller ID as “unknown.” The caller said, “There’s a bomb in your building” three times in a row and then quickly hung up.

A second store clerk told police she had just received a phone call on another line from someone who said, “Bomb,” then she received three other phone calls in which the caller said nothing. Both clerks said the man sounded like a middle-aged Caucasian.

Police had the employees walk through the store to check for anything unusual. Nothing was found.

Give anonymous crime tips to Crimestoppers at 234-2020