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Nothing but trouble
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Nothing but trouble
Two teenage girls attempted to escape police custody last week, and one succeeded in eluding police. An officer was transporting the two girls (both in handcuffs) to the youth detention center when one crawled out the open window of his cruiser and took off running.
One girl didn’t escape, but the other disappeared into nearby woods. Officers canvassed the woods for several hours but were unable to find her. It was a particularly hot afternoon and the officer had put the windows of the cruiser down to relieve some of the trapped heat within. However, to his surprise, one of the windows wouldn’t go back up, and when he tried to fix it, it only went down further. The escapee was being taken in for a probation violation.

• A Savannah Tech student trying to lend a hand got robbed in return. As the victim was driving away from the campus, another man ran up and asked for a ride to his house. As they neared the destination, the hitchhiker turned hijacker, pulling out a hand gun and demanding the driver’s cell phone and automobile. Later that night, the vehicle was involved in an accident at the corner of 59th and Crane, and the suspect was seen running from the scene. He made it six blocks before being taken down by a police dog.

• A man got shot in the arm at 33rd and Ott Street after an argument turned violent. As of this writing, police are still seeking the shooter, Melvin Morrell, age 20. He shot Kevin Young, age 42, after an argument between Morrell’s mother and Young. It was 11:45 a.m. when the shooting took place. Young walked several blocks and was then picked up by his sister, who called police. An ambulance met them en route to the hospital to treat the gunshot wound. It wasn’t life–threatening.

• Over the course of about a week, someone stole seven statues worth $40,000 from the property of local car dealer O.C. Welch. A tip to the police sent them to South Carolina to identify some stolen property, and a canvas of recycling centers also proved fruitful. A white Chevrolet truck was seen at multiple centers delivering statues. Further investigation led them to the home of Larry Ford. As they approached, they believed some of the property was visible through Ford’s open garage door.  He was charged with felony theft by taking. The investigation, however, is ongoing.

• The Counter Narcotics Task Force made one of the largest heroin busts in recent history, following an investigation of Jermaine “Street Frog” Early. Unbeknownst to Early, CNT agents followed him around the county as he made several drug sales. Early was called into the Federal Probation Office under the auspices of signing some paperwork, but was instead served with the warrants for his arrest. A search of the suspect’s home produced 40 grams of heroin, cocaine, a loaded pistol, digital scales and a large sum of cash.

• Police were called when two SUVs collided at the intersection of Price and Liberty. The fire department responded to free two people who were trapped in one of the vehicles. Three people were transported to the hospital for treatment. The accident was the result of the driver headed westbound on Liberty who failed to stop at a red light, colliding with the other vehicle, which was headed southbound on Price.