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Nothing funny about this week
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The PTA at Schuman Middle School called police to report that more than $7,000 had been stolen by a member of the group.

The suspect, Thomasina Smith, was supposed to deposit the funds, which were the sum of dues, fundraisers and other activities. The theft was unknown to the group until the principal received a statement from the bank saying the account was overdrawn. Smith went to deposit the money, deposited about $4,300 of it, then immediately wrote counter checks to herself for the same amount. The PTA has made repeated attempts to contact the woman unsuccessfully.

• Police responded to a suspicious vehicle in the early morning hours. The white vehicle was found stopped at the intersection of Habersham and Henry Streets, with the driver asleep at the wheel. The 20 year–old driver was about 5 blocks away from his house. Officers attempted to make contact with the driver, who verified that he had been drinking, and had consumed 4–5 beers in the last hour. His speech was slurred and he was unable to stand up without swaying back and forth. A pocket knife he was carrying was logged into the property room. He was cited for driving under the influence and transported to Precinct 2, where the Intoxilyzer 5000 detected a blood alcohol level of .102 grams. The driver was transported to the CCDC for booking without further incident.

• Animal Control was dispatched to pick up a raccoon in a trap on Mercy Blvd. No one was bitten.

• A man called police to report a series of harassing phone calls from his former girlfriend. The woman had called eight times that day, and “she promised she would make his life a living hell.” The man advised police that he wasn’t supposed to have any contact with the woman after a recent domestic dispute at her residence. He was advised on warrant procedures and given a CRN card.

• A hotel property manager called police to complain about theft of services. He said that a couple who had been staying at the hotel for several months had not paid him in a while and now owed over $1,400. The officer spoke to a woman with knowledge of the situation who said that she had made several payments for the couple, and that the owner had wrongfully charged her debit card on several occasions. The officer advised her that the issue was a civil matter. The officer then made contact with the man who’d been staying in the room, who said that he had also made a payment a few weeks ago, but that he didn’t have a receipt to confirm the payment. He also said that he’d been doing work for the property owner without being paid for it. The officer told him that too was a civil issue. The officer told the man that he and his family would have to leave the hotel, but that the owner agreed they could leave their things there until they could return to move them out. The man, woman and children left the property at the same time as the officer. Both parties were advised on how to handle their civil issues in court.

• Officers were dispatched to a one car accident around 6:45 p.m. The driver had attempted to make a u–turn on Oglethorpe Ave at Fahm St after leaving the bus station parking lot. Travelling at an unsafe speed, the driver turned too far, struck a utility pole and the flipped the vehicle over. EMS responded. A bystander said the driver was unconscious but did have a pulse. EMS transported the driver to the hospital for further treatment. The vehicle was towed from the scene.