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One Way to Unite
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from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

A Savannah-Chatham Police employee said she was provided with and completed a United Way contribution form.

She said she opted out of making contributions for personal reasons. When she got her pay check, she noticed that $2 per pay period had been deducted for the United Way. Someone had written $52 for the year over the $0 the employee had written. She said she didn’t authorize anyone to alter her amount, and the matter was placed under investigation.

• An officer pulled a car over in the 400 block of West Congress because it had a paper drive-off tag. Two men were in the car. The passenger got out of the car as the officer was approaching the driver’s side and began running.The officer yelled for him to stop, but he kept running. The officer began chasing him on foot.

After a foot pursuit, the man was caught on the north side of Franklin Square. He was put on the ground and handcuffed. The man voluntarily said the “stuff” was in his left coat pocket. The officer walked to the area of the traffic stop but the driver had fled, so a look-out was posted.

The passenger was searched and a blue pouch was found in his left jacket pocket. Inside the pouch were five baggies of a white powdery substance, believed to be cocaine, and a small black digital scale with a white powdery residue on it.

The cocaine, scale and pouch were confiscated and later logged into evidence. The suspect said his “partner” gave him the “stuff” and told him to run. He said he knew his partner only as “Lucky,” and said he had a cell phone number for Lucky in his phone. The officer located the number and several text messages from Lucky asking what was going on for the evening and talking about meeting up. The cell phone was confiscated and logged into evidence.

The man was charged with intent to distribute a controlled substance, cocaine possession, possession of a drug-related object and obstruction by fleeing. He was already on parole so a hold was placed on him after his parole officer was contacted.

• An officer called to the scene of a “cutting” was in route when flagged down by a man at West 40th and Whitaker streets.

The man said he had gone to a residence on East 38th Street to collect a debt and was attacked by a man who owed him money. He said he was owed money for drugs he had sold the suspect and was told to be at that address to collect his cash.

When he arrived, the suspect began to “freak out” and stabbed him with a kitchen knife. The victim was treated by EMS and released.

Another officer arrived and interviewed the suspect, who said the man had just walked into his house and began demanding to know where his ex-girlfriend was. The suspect said he told the man no one in the house knew what he was talking about.

He said the man then picked up a chair and began threatening him. He said he managed to push the man out the door, but the man returned with a stick and came after him. At that point, the suspect said he stabbed the man out of self defense.

• Two women reported that they have been receiving threatening phone calls from a third woman.

They told police they both have children by the suspect’s brother, who passed away in November. They said the suspect is angry over various items that belonged to her brother but were left to his children.

A recording of a message left on a cell phone was played for police. The suspect threatened to cut both women’s faces.

One of the women said the suspect had already called her twice in one day, making vicious threats. Both were advised of warrant procedures and given a case report number card.

• A woman who was in line at a Beach Street convenience store said there was a man standing behind her when she felt a pulling on the strap of the purse that was over her shoulder. She turned around and the suspect said, “I ain’t tryin’ to take your keys.” The woman replied, “I know. You’re trying to take my purse.”

The suspect left the store and stood by the side of the building. She said he stood there for a while, so she called police. When the officers pulled up, the suspect ran behind the building. The area was searched, but the suspect wasn’t located.

Store employees said the suspect had been recorded on video, but the manager would have to retrieve it when she arrived in the morning. The woman was given a case report number card.