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Oops, wrong house
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A woman on East 36th Street called police in reference to someone "shooting up her house" around 2:45 in the morning. Upon arrival, officers found several 9mm casings in the road in front of the home.

There was no damage to the house next door. At the caller's residence, there were holes in the wood as well as shots that had gone through the front windows. Inside the home, there was one slug in a chair. No one at the residence was able to say why this happened. They don't have problems with anyone. The victim was awakened by the shooting and looked out her bedroom window to an unknown male running west on 36th and then south on Paulsen. The suspect's description was broadcast to field units but a canvas of the area failed to turn up anything.

-- A man was sitting at home one evening when his estranged wife showed up at the house. He told officers that they had been separated for about three years. The woman demanded entry to the man's home. He refused and she unleashed her wrath, yelling and flailing around. During this she scratched the man's right cheek. He called police and she fled. When officers arrived, he refused to be treated by EMS. He was given a CRN and advised on procedures.

-- While on patrol in the area of Yamacraw, an officer saw two men engaged in a quick hand to hand transaction. When the younger of the two men saw the patrol car, he quickly ran into an apartment along the row. The older man began walking north along West Boundary Street. The officer approached the older man and asked him if he lived in Yamacraw. The man told the officer he was going to his sister's house, but after further questioning could not tell the officer where his sister lived. The officer asked him who the younger man was that he had been talking to earlier. The man told the officer that was his cousin, but upon further questioning could not tell the officer what his cousin's address was. The officer reported that the man was very nervous and repeated every question he was asked before answering. The officer then told the man that he had seen the transaction take place and asked where he put "it." The man said, "You got me man. There's a crack pipe in my pocket. The officer searched the man, found the crack pipe along with some rock-like substance that tested positive for cocaine. He was placed under arrest.

-- Around 10 p.m. officers were dispatched in reference to a call regarding an individual harassing people and attempting to start a fight. Upon arrival, the officer observed a black male standing in the shadows at the location. The officer attempted to make contact with the man and he fled. The officer asked him to stop and he refused. The officer stopped the man and he had a strong odor of alcohol emanating from his person. His eyes were red and he was unable to speak without slurring his words. He required some assistance to stand up. He was taken to the precinct. While in the precinct, the man was seated and then jumped up and stated "y'all got to do what got to do. I'm crazy. I'm crazy. I'm crazy." He was charged with public drunkenness and disorderly conduct.

-- Officers were called at approximately 2 a.m. in regard to harassing phone calls. They met with the victim who stated that the suspects began calling her cell phone around 5 p.m. One suspect is a former roommate, and the other is the victim's ex-boyfriend. The calls were initially innocent but eventually became threatening. The former roommate told the victim that she "eventually has to go to work," and would "mess her shit up," and "beat the f*** out of her." The victim's ex-boyfriend told her that she should "watch her back." A total of 32 phone calls were made. The woman was given a CRN and advised on procedures for seeking a peace bond.