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Parting shots
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from recent Savannah/Chatham Police incident reports

Police were called to a house on East 50th Street on a report of shots being fired.

Several people were standing in the street in front of the house. They said a car pulled up and someone inside had fired a number of rounds. Several 9mm casings were in the roadway and at least four bullet holes and ricochet marks were found on the house. The owner said her son had been released from jail in November and that the shooting could be intended as retaliation against him.

The son had been arrested in 2005 on several counts of aggravated assault. When contacted, he said this is the third time in four days that someone has fired shots at either him or his property, but refused to talk to police or tell them who could be doing the shooting.

Detectives and forensics were notified. Pictures of the house were taken, the shell casings were collected, and the house was placed on extra patrol.

Earlier in the day, the woman called police to report that she had allowed her son to drive her car and that it had been damaged. Bullet holes were found in both the front windshield and front driver’s window.

Bullet fragments and shell casings were found in the front passenger area. The woman told police her son told her he was northbound on Bee Road when shots were suddenly fired from a car traveling in the opposite direction. She said her son told her he didn’t see the driver or anyone else in the vehicle. The woman said she believes her son has enemies trying to kill him.

• An Elgin Street resident was held against her will twice by her boyfriend, who also beat her.

Police were called to the woman’s residence on a report of a fight. The woman said her boyfriend had physically assaulted her and contained her in her residence after she attempted to contact the police.

The woman said she and her boyfriend had a verbal argument that escalated into a physical one. The suspect struck her with an open hand, knocking her to the ground.

When she threatened to call the police, the man became more enraged and struck her in the head and upper body with an open hand. He then demanded that she drive him to his residence.

When the woman refused, the man said, “Do I have to slap you every time I want something done?” and continued to strike her. She agreed to take the man home, but when she left her residence, she began running.

The suspect ran her down, grabbed her by the hair, dragged her back to her residence and kept her there against her will. When she wrapped her arms around him to stop him from hitting her again, he struck her in the abdomen with his knees.

• Police were called to a fast-food restaurant on Gateway Boulevard because of a disorderly person. The manager said two women ordered food at the drive-through but were unhappy with its freshness. The manager asked them to pull forward and wait while fresher food was prepared.

She said the women began cursing and threatening employees. She said one employee began yelling back at the suspects, so she sent him home. The two women were given their money back and they left. Shortly after, someone called the restaurant and demanded to know the names and addresses of the employees. The manager refused to provide the information to the caller. She said she hung up but was called again by the same caller, who asked for the manager’s name.

• A Leach Drive resident reported that several items had been taken from her home. The woman told police her adopted son called to find out if she was missing anything from her house. She said he told her that he was in front of a White Bluff Road pawn shop and saw his brother at the shop with some DVDs he was going to pawn for cash.

The woman and her husband looked through the house and found that about 30 DVDs, a nail gun, a video game system and about $400 in coins were missing. The woman said that the suspect has stolen from them in the past and said he apparently gained access through a window.

She notified the suspect’s parole officer about the situation and was advised to call police. The police then spoke to the suspect’s brother, who said the suspect had already been inside the pawn shop when he saw him. He told police he bought the video game system and some of the DVDs his brother had pawned without knowing they’d been stolen from his parents’ home.